International community strongly condemns the successful nuclear test in North Korea.

North Korea's ailing leader Kim Jong IL, determined to seek more drastic measures to attract the Obama Administration to the bargaining table, could even carry out more nuclear tests as a way to bully the U.S. and its allies.
Figuratively speaking, North Korea's dual actions Monday were aimed directly at Washington, which has directed its attentions away from Pyongyang as officials direct wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monday's tests followed a rocket launch in April that Pyongyang claimed placed a communications satellite into orbit launch but many contended was a disguised missile launch.
The satellite did not reach outer space, analysts say, but the U.S., South Korea and Japan nonetheless reacted with high anger, seeking new sanctions against North Korea from the U.N. Security Council.
Nations worldwide reacted with concern at Pyongyang's newest underground nuclear test – its first since 2006 – which was followed just hours later by the test of a short-range missile.
Due to the successful nuclear test in North Korea, South Korea and Japan will undoubtedly take some measures to face the treasure of these nuclear tests in North Korea.

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