President Obama Holds Father's Day Events at White House

WASHINGTON - - President Barack Obama, speaking in highly personal terms as the son of an absentee father, devoted much of his workday Friday to promoting the importance of parental commitment and mentoring.

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Crazy! Toad swallowed the whole of snake

At 4:00 p.m. on June 3, 2009, in Chongqing people traveling in Qingcheng Mountain took the rare scene that toad (commonly known as "silly toad") swallowed a snake; the whole process only took five minutes. At that time, when Mr. Ran was walking to a bush and suddenly saw an orange-red, black stripe toad that is as big as a fist swallowing a small snake of the same stripe.
The second half body of small snake was swallowed into a toad, but it still kept on struggling to the toad, keep twisting the body.
Five minutes later, a small snake was completely swallowed into the stomach of the toad. According to the locals, the small snake is commonly named as rotten grass snakes. But it is rare to see toad swallow a snake.

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Lakers won the 15th NBA champion with the help of Kobe Bryant. Cheers.

With the competition results: Lakers: Magic, 4:1, the Lakers lead by Kobe Bryant won the 08-09 NBA champions, which is a encouraging news for the fans of LA and all over the world.
Without doubt, NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant receives a king's welcome from Conan O'Brien. And all of his fans cheers for his outstanding performance in his way to the NBA champion.
The 'Tonight Show' host brings a 25-foot statue of a pharaoh to his stage to greet the Lakers' star.
Lakers parade: Fans travel far for glimpse of NBA champions in LA.
NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant had a gift for "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien when he appeared on the show Wednesday night -- game-worn signed sneakers.
O'Brien's gift to Bryant: He stole a 25-foot-tall golden statue of a pharaoh from the Universal Studios lot and put it in his studio to make Bryant "feel like a king."
Victor Martinez, 18, and Oscar Delcompare, 19, took three buses and the Metro from their homes in Wilmington to catch a fleeting glimpse of the Lakers atop buses riding by.
Gibson, who is unemployed, came from Watts on the Blue Line, walking all the way from Pico Boulevard to the Coliseum only to be turned away because the stadium was full. But he also was glad he came.
"Kobe was real happy and crazy," Gibson said.
Kobe Bryant started his career with the L.A. Lakers as a tremendous athlete with a valuable brand. His stock rose like an elevator, as Madison Avenue loved him as much as Laker fans.
Wish Kobe Bryant a wonderful NBA champion again!
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