Humans captured the photos of the Andromeda galaxy engulfing neighboring mars for the first time

Because of the Andromeda enormous gravity, triangular constellation rotates around its center, and the triangular constellation star was dragged away by Andromeda.

Simulation of Figure of Triangle (Triangulum) rotating around the Andromeda galaxy.
Multi-national team of astronomers found that the latest observations, the Andromeda galaxy may have been "misappropriated" the vicinity of small galaxies, galaxies also exist the rules about "law of the jungle" phenomenon.
Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5 million light-years from Earth, and is Earth's nearest galactic neighbors. The group set up in Hawaii for the use of astronomical telescopes and found that in the very edge of the Andromeda where there are some stars, its location is too far away from the core of Andromeda, the gas is not enough to form these stars. Therefore, they speculated that these stars are formed as "misappropriation" in the vicinity of small galaxies which is still not "digest" End of the residues.
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