Top ten most popular YouTube video released this year

YouTube has just named its top ten most popular video in 2010, in which Funny funny "rapist song" (Bed Intruder Song) tops the list, its more than 47 million views.

Earlier this year, Alabama's 24-year-old man Anthony Dodson (Antoine Dodson) was the sister of burglary, sexual abuse criminals. Local television station interviewed him and the victim, angry Dodson shouted abuse at the TV cameras before. Less expected is the pop group "Gregory brothers (Gregory Brothers)" will be coupled with the RAP this news video and singing out of tune by the users blitz, and even the orchestra, drums and many other versions.

Second is the foreign professional team of Key of Awesome cover Jokes cutting-edge American singer Kesha (Ke $ ha) of the single "Tik Tok". Since February has been uploaded to YouTube, this video has reached 51 million views. It is worth mentioning that, Kesha original "Tik Tok" MV's Views of only 34 million.

In third place, sixth grade students strong Grayson Adams (Greyson Chance) Lady Gaga performing single "Paparazzi". His performance shocked the Internet, and earned him a movie star Ailundezhan Nice (Ellen Degeneres) to a recording contract Dell xps m1730 battery and Dell xps M1530 battery. Watch this video up to 34 million times.

Rank 4-10 is: YouTube star on the animated "annoying orange (Annoying Orange)", male fragrance "Old Spice" ads Takeo, a double rainbow and excited to see the uncle cried, pop group " OK Go "in the MV, the film" Twilight City 3: Eclipse, "the commercials, singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) to participate in Jimikaimo (Jimmy Kimmel) talk show and rally driver Ken Locke ( Ken Block) of a wonderful drag racing video. (Yan-Fei)

The following is the most popular top ten videos list:

1, Funny Funny "Song of rapists" (Bed Intruder Song)

2, the spoof cover of the U.S. team, cutting-edge singer Kesha single "Tik Tok"

3, the sixth-grade students performing Grayson Adams Lady Gaga strong single "Paparazzi"

4, YouTube movie star on the "annoying orange (Annoying Orange)"

5, the male fragrance "Old Spice" ads Takeo

6, a double rainbow and the excitement that cried uncle

7, the pop group "OK Go" MV

8, the film "Twilight City 3: Lunar Eclipse," API

9, singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) to participate in Jimikaimo talk

10, Rally driver Ken Rock (Ken Block) great drag racing videos

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