Verizon plans to built-in cell phone with Skype

February 13 news, the largest U.S. wireless carriers, Verizon has recently announced plans to SKYPE, that the software-based data services, built-in installed on mobile phones being sold in response to AT & T from the competition.

In the United States in the wireless communications market, Verizon and AT & T points out in the first and second in market share, AT & T as the iPhone's exclusive carrier, Verizon has also always want to introduce some special services. The analysis from IDC believes that the most important thing is, Verizon has already begun to realize that voice data services are being diverted to the time has come, this is for Verizon has far-reaching significance.

SKYPE software will be installed to a series of phones, including low-end mobile phones. Verizon launched service will allow users of its 3G network operations, Verizon, and said it would SKYPE Mobile Congress in Barcelona, February 16 announcement at a press conference.

When people call for the voice, when demand is relatively weakened, Verizon is using its 3G data services to promote their business, Verizon data services revenue last quarter accounted for almost 46% of the total communications services. Co-operation with Skype can attract more users, will also enhance other functional services to businesses. From the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan's analysis, Verizon co-operation with the SKYPE is the beginning of a new business model. Telecom operators are to change its attitude and began to SKPYE features such software as collaborators.

In fact, in 2007, Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa unit 3 has started selling the phone pretending to SKYPE software, SKYPE has proven to attract the user has great value. Skype news from the installation of the Skype software, cell phone is called Skypephone, attracting tens of thousands of users, of which about 80% and yellow are the Skypephone users.

Skype is currently lobbying the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to prohibit the operator of the Internet traffic truncated in its wireless network, it is precisely because this hindered the development of Skype. The Federal Communications Commission this year, may find this advertised "network neutrality" proposals for a vote.

Skype plans in 2011 to achieve one billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

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