Microsoft published the minimum hardware requirements for Office 2010


Microsoft Office Trusted computing performance group AlexDubec released on Office2010-date information on the user requirements. Office2010 has One of the important issues, facing the application is to maintain the requirements as low as possible, so that users do not need to install hardware upgrades.

In short, the user can run Office2007 in their own system, there is no problem running Office2010. However, the current system in their use of Office2003 does not guarantee the user can run Office2010.

Office2007-year minimum requirement is a 500MHz processor and 256MB of memory, while the Office2003 minimum requirements 233MHz processor and 128MB of memory. Since the Office2007 since the use of processor and graphics processor does not change, but, Office2010 than previous versions need more hard disk space. Office2010 minimum hard disk space is 1.0GB or 1.5GB, an increase over previous versions of 0.5GB. increase hard disk space due to Office2010 added new features.

Microsoft Office2010 is still able to configure the graphics processor, 64MB memory DirectX9.0c run. Microsoft does recommend that users use a higher system requirements in order to enhance programs such as Excel and PowerPoint performance, helped to show the pictures and diagrams.

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