Mozilla Firefox suggested its users to use Bing instead of GoogleMozilla

IT news:

an official has said that as Google's chief executive did not attach importance to consumer privacy concerns, Firefox browser users can list in the browser engine and add Dousuo Bing Microsoft's search engine.

Mozilla Community Development Manager Asa Dotzler cites a section of CNBC last Friday broadcast.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt discussed these privacy issues in that broadcast online.

Dotzler Firefox extension provides a link which can be added to the Firefox search engine Bing browser search engine list. He said that this is the Firefox search engine, Google changed Bing from a simple approach.

In the interview, a reporter asked Schmidt "People are bringing Google as their most trusted friends, people should do so now?." Schmidt replied that, if you have do not want others to know, maybe you do not want to do it first.

If you really need some sort of privacy, the reality includes Google search, which must retain this information for some time. We are in the United States and have to comply with the Patriot Act, all information will be provided to the relevant authorities.

It is Schmidt's remarks prompted the proposed Dotzler Firefox browser users to give Google the default elements, using competition-Bing search engine.

Dotzler said he thought that Bing's privacy policy is better than Google's.

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Microsoft is facing four major challenges in 2010

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, analysts listed Microsoft has faced four challenges in 2010, Windows operating system and Office software are in the list.

This year, Microsoft released Windows7 and launched a search engine.

So far, this is the relative success of two products and need to make persistent efforts in 2010.

In addition, Microsoft experienced a strong challenge in smart phone platform and office market next year, the company must take some action.

The following are the four major challenges for Microsoft in 2010:

1. Do not be left behind in the smart phone market too far

This year, though Microsoft has launched a WindowsMobile6.5, but only 6.0 version of the rush to upgrade, do not attract too many user's attention. In contrast, Google, Apple, RIM and Palm eye-catching performance.

Next year, if not catching up with rivals, Microsoft must also ensure that Windows Mobile 6.5 will not be alienated, and provide WindowsMobile7 more details.

2. To ensure that the current momentum of Windows 7

So far, Windows7 is not the Vista, which Microsoft is concerned it is good news. In 2010, Microsoft needs to continue to ensure that Windows7 sales, attract more users to upgrade the Windows7.

3. Beware of Google Apps GoogleApps is a real threat to Microsoft's Office revenue, and is still controversial. At present, GoogleApps is the main attractions of individual consumers, companies still insist on using Office. But with Google escalating enterprise functions, the situation will not last long.

4. The will to be bigger The goal is simply to enhance its market share and increase advertising revenue. But to really achieve that goal, it is not easy.

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35 million netbook have been sold in 2009

IT news

35 million netbook have been sold in 2009, and 1 / 3 of them are pre-installed Linux

on December 9, according to foreign media reports, research firm ABIResearch expects the netbook sold all over the world will reach 35 million.

ABI Research, based on shipments of the first half of this year, the global notebook are expected to reach 35 million, lower than 39 million previously expected.

In this online text of 35 million, about 32% of 11 million use the free Linux operating system. The figures are taken from almost all of the companies investigated.

As Microsoft said, "Microsoft has shared 93% of the netbok", ABI Research said Microsoft's data is limited to the U.S. market.

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Twitter and its partners push the potential of enterprise service

IT news:

on December 7th: According to foreign media reports, on Monday the U.S. Local Business Portal Citysearch Joint Twitter announced the launch of a number of SME-oriented services, media analysts and believe that some of these services will be Twitter by the plan's revenue-generating services.

Citysearch encompasses a large number of cities in the U.S. business sector information, such as restaurants, bars and so on. Business organizations create their own pages, in addition to the services provided there is contact information. Alleged that, from now on, the site's business users can choose not to leave Citysearch, log in directly to Twitter, and to publish a short message.

In addition, Citysearch will get a short message from the Twitter database search and analysis of information relating to a small and medium enterprises migrate to their page. In this way, users query their information at the same time; you can read the Twitter user evaluation of its services. Citysearch will also conduct more analysis, such as the consumer is still praised for its critical attitude.

The person in charge said they hope this can help small and medium enterprises know that Internet users how to comment on their business.

Previously, Twitter co-founder of the talk about the future revenue-generating business, business models mentioned above, that more mining information database Twitter potential. Citysearch responsible Notman confirmed, and Twitter had been discussed on these operations, and in the next step of the cooperation the two sides, but also will introduce more business-oriented services to business users.

Twitter mentioned the previous models including the provision of other income-generating business Twitter account authentication service. It is worth mentioning that Facebook has introduced the use of user information between the corporate brand message advertising services, but the results are unsatisfactory, the industry think that Twitter should be a warning.

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Asus will announce the plan to challenge the 4st global notebook next year

IT news

On 12 7, Asus will be held today, the annual global business conferences, Asus chairman Johnny Shih Fu Dong Zeng qiang Sheng, CEO Jerry Shen, will co-chair the meeting; at the same time, Asus will declare to start the "giant lion 2" program, jointly challenge Lenovo and Toshiba- the world's 4th largest notebook makers plan next year.

ASUS Global Business Conference includes systems, components, hand-held devices, etc. in charge of three major business groups, as well as the heads of all regions around the world will gather in Taiwan headquarters.

Asus said that the global business meeting time will be up to a week, to hold 1 years. ASUS pointed out that the performance was mainly due to be optimistic about next year, in place of the full range of products, market confidence and start the attack, the business group will have a more detailed discussion, and thus lengthen the time of this meeting.

At the 4th quarter, the ASUS main product shipments will reach high and he would expect a high standard, in terms of Eee PC laptops with 4.3 million units, the challenges -11 million units shipped throughout the year to 1200 million units. Motherboard shipments in Q4 Challenge 5 million.

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