Microsoft Office 2010 Beta version leaked on the P2P sites in advance

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Microsoft Office 2010 Beta version leaked on the P2P sites in advance

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Office 2010 beta version leaked in advance, users do not have to wait until next week-Microsoft officially released, you can now find it on P2P sites.

According to foreign Web site Neowin, in recent days in many P2P sites it has been found in Office 2010 beta version. At the same time, another fan site has posted an alleged Office 2010 beta version of the screenshot.

Microsoft has said it will launch an Office 2010 beta version this month, and has again hinted that next week a major Office press release will be released on the Twitter micro-blog, so the industry generally believe that Microsoft Developers Conference published on the Office the latest beta in Los Angeles next week.

In July of this year, Microsoft released a technology preview version of Office 2010, when this version has been leaked ahead of schedule on the network.

In addition to the desktop version of Office 2010, Microsoft will also provide the browser version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
In addition to OneNote, Microsoft has released a preview version of these Web applications, but is not clear whether they will be released next week.

Microsoft Office 2010 beta kept silent when knowing this. However, one staff member said, "We have not officially released Office 2010 beta version, it is recommended you do not download it from unauthorized sources."

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