Microsoft officially released Windows 7

Window 7 has been the most important product in the recent 10 years!!
Microsoft's highly anticipated next-generation operating system- Windows 7 was globally released in the U.S. at local time 11:00 on the 22nd this month, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer attended the press conference and gave speeches. Reuters noted that this was Microsoft's most important product in more than 10 years. Microsoft is hoping to win back the lost customers because of Vista, and to strengthen to control over the PC market.
President of Dell enterprise business ever claimed that Windows 7 is Microsoft's best products.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the press conference: "This is a simpler, faster and more responsive to the new operating system. We hope that users have a new and better operating experience. Our engineering staff and partners engage in close collaboration. "
Ballmer said that the 3000 engineers, 50000 partners, 8 million testers were therefore conducted close cooperation. Collect the consumer feedback and put these integrated into the new products. "The new mode of operation of the operating system is what you want. Quick boot, more responsive and more concise. We realized that Windows 7 is the best choice." Ballmer said in his speech.
Reuter’s news agency said, the importance of Windows 7 is the most in the past 10 years. Because of the launch of Vista, most clients are disappointed at the MS market, Microsoft hopes to take to win back customers, and to enhance the personal computer (PC) market in control.
Microsoft's Windows 7 to the Home Premium version is priced at 199.99 U.S. dollars, while the operating system upgrade from a previous version of the Users only needs to spend 119.99 U.S. dollars, which is below than Vista operating system.
Windows 7 officially released, at the same time, Microsoft's first store in Scottsdale, Arizona (Scottsdale) opened, Windows Cafe coffee shop will also be opened in Paris, France.
The Analysts said whether the consumer sales of personal computers can be useful for Windows 7 will soon verified in the U.S. holiday season, but for the success of enterprises, it will have to be clear until next year.
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Man keeps on playing Grand Theft Auto IV for over 40 hours

Have you played games for over one day?
Have you played Grand Theft Auto IV?
Some records are made to be broken By a guy, named as Chirantan Patnaik, a resident of Mumbai, India, became an official Guinness Record holder last month when he clocked over 40 continuous hours playing Rockstar's 2008 smash Grand Theft Auto IV. Patnaik trained for the marathon event by running, exercising, and yoga -- which no doubt prepared him well for Grand Theft Auto's themes of running, and so on.
The previous record was held by an American citizen and stood at a mere 28 hours and one minute. Patnaik, who has a day job as an equities trader, isn't done, either: he plans to challenge his own record in an attempt to make it to 48 hours, which need to be TBD.
Maybe it's just us, but fiber-packed snacks like dates just don't seem like a good snack choice for a marathon like this. Chirantan, we admire your commitment...not to mention your intestinal fortitude.
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How to revive your dell inspiron 6400 laptop battery?

Have your dell 6400 battery come to the dead mode?
It is a successful experience sharing for reviving a dead dell inspiron 6400 laptop battery .
But before sharing the tips of reviving the laptop battery, please be sure what is listed below:
1. If your laptop is still under warranty, please forward your laptop battery to the manufacturer.
2. There’s no guarantee that this tip will work with your laptop battery. This is a just sharing for tips. Not every battery could be revived.
3. I won’t be responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from following this tip.
Please take note of the above information
Here is the tip:
freeze the dell inspiron 6400 Battery ! That is very important
Remove the battery from the laptop
Wrap the battery with old newspaper, making sure that it envelops the battery tightly
Repeat the step 2 above with at least three pieces of newspaper
Place the wrapped battery in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator
Let it stay in that cryogenic state for three to seven days
Once your battery has been given the frozen treatment, do not directly plug it into your notebook! Let the battery thaw to normal room temperature within the newspaper wrapping by leaving it in the open for at least half a day (overnight is recommended).
Tear off the newspaper wrapping and touch the battery. leave it at the normal temperature of room for a few more hours. Once it feels just about room temperature, take a piece of tissue and wipe the contact points of the battery just in case there’s some traces of moisture there.
And then plug it in your notebook computer, plug in the power adapter and leave your notebook in “charging” state. Do not power on the laptop!
Give your battery time to fully charge (this depends on your laptop/battery model). Once you’re 100% confident that the battery is fully charged, say your prayers, cross your fingers and power on your notebook. If all goes well, your dell inspiron 6400 Battery should be working just fine.
This is the successful experience for dell 6400 battery, and what about HP, Compaq, Dell and an old IBM ThinkPad battery?…
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