Sony leakage of user data for fear of casting a shadow on the global cloud computing industry

In the past year, specializes in cloud computing services companies in the stock market performance has been the most eye-catching. But recently Sony laptop battery's gaming network, and Amazon cloud computing centers have been two major hacker attacks has led some companies halt operations within the enterprise cloud computing.

Dartmouth College (Dartmouth University), Professor, computing technology dedicated to providing strategic advice services, Eric - Johnson (Eric Johnson) said: "No one will feel safe now, Sony laptop battery is the lesson of all."

Experts have warned

Since April 26 Sony laptop battery gaming network user data has been leaked regarding media exposure, cloud computing shares in the company's performance around the globe to before. U.S. software service provider Salesforce.com Inc's shares fell 3%, while the global virtualization and cloud infrastructure vendor VMware Inc's share price has fallen by 2%.

Digital security experts have warned that investors, businesses and consumers have been big on cloud computing confidence. Data security vendor Axis Technology President Michael - Logan (Mike Logan), said: "In a rapidly changing world of cloud computing, people should not have so much confidence in them. Cloud computing like Facebook, once you have all the sensitive information into the cloud computing center, there will be more and more people began to pay attention to these messages. "

Market research firm Garnter cloud computing security analyst Jay - Black Joseph (Jay Heiser) said that in the cloud computing business, the company has done a lot of work to let customers believe they are stored in the data on the remote server is secure, but fact seems to completely not the case. Black Feather said: "If you do something critical to the development of the company's business, then you need to do to prepare contingency plans. But some cloud computing services specializing in the marketing companies have deliberately concealed to the customer to prepare contingency plans importance. "

Users are trusted cloud computing technology in the e-mail, personal credit reports and tax returns and other aspects of management, there are few users on the safety of these systems had been investigated. San Diego State University (San Diego State University) Morey, professor of information systems - Jenny Cox (Murray Jennex), said: "Even if the user that the security services, there is also the possibility of attack."

The famous American magazine "Consumer Reports" (Consumer Reports Magazine) Electronics Editor Jeff - Fox (Jeff Fox), said consumers tend to trust very large companies such as Sony can well protect their personal data. Fox said: "Consumers were previously firmly believe that, like Sony's well-known large companies will have daily software updates, bug fixes, and by setting up a firewall for their own protection. But the question now is, do not even like Sony laptop battery do, that other famous enterprises is also ignored in this process? "

Looking forward to the introduction of new standards

As a new cloud computing services also belong to the type of service, so the industry how to store and protect data on its lack of uniform performance standards.

U.S. privacy law firm Mintz Levin attorney Cynthia - Larose (Cynthia Larose) said that the current cloud computing services company providing general security to external attacks and data leakage of the lack of adequate protective measures. She hoped that Sony and Amazon Web user data compromised by attacks can change that.

Larose said, health care and financial services industry, many companies are network attacks in order to avoid seeking special Sony laptop battery protection because these companies have a lot of intellectual property information. Larose said: "At present, many enterprises have the security of its cloud computing services to seek external assistance."

Cloud computing service providers Abnology U.S. Chief Information Officer Ford - Winslow (Ford Winslow) said that many cloud computing services for customers in the cloud computing service providers with a new service agreement entered into when they start adding extra financial penalty clause . Thus, in the event of service disruption or security issues, they can receive the appropriate compensation.

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