Global mobile phone shipments got 320 million units in the fourth quarter

Mobile news:

Friday market analysis firm Strategy Analytics (SA) published reports that the fourth quarter of 2009, finally ending the world's mobile phone, "a year-long period of recession", and shipments are expected to maintain upward momentum in the first quarter increase of 8%.Asus N10J battery

The fourth quarter of 2009, worldwide mobile phone shipments up 10% to reach 324.4 million units, compared with 293.8 million units, which is from 2008 since the third quarter shipments growth in the first quarter.

Shipments of Nokia and Samsung topped the list, is the fourth quarter of 2009, the only increase in worldwide shipments of business.Asus U1 battery

This is a number of smaller companies dropped the cost of shipments, such as LG, Sony Ericsson (Sweden Ericsson phone companies and a joint venture of Sony Corporation of Japan), and Motorola.

"Mobile phone sales from the high growth in gross domestic product, consumer confidence increased operator training, as well as Nokia and Samsung and other major brands [stable] eye-catching mobile phone launched channel," Strategy Analytics said.

2009 full-year shipments of 1.13 billion mobile phone units, is still lower than 4% a year earlier. Strategy Analytics Although the company did not give a 2010 shipment growth forecast, it noted that first-quarter handset shipments will be 265 million units, compared with 244.5 million last year. Battery for DELL E6400

"Consumers, operators and handset makers are working steadily to restore confidence. However, some major regions (eg South America) is still somewhat fragile, so the recovery process is not always smooth, but some areas will show more prominent," Strategy Analytics's global Wireless Business Unit Director of Moston (Neil Mawston) said.

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More than 3,000 students in United Kingdom protest against the unfair exam in FaceBook

Recently, thousands of the British A-level (Advanced level examination) of high school students in the social networking site Facebook a petition drive to protest exam is unfair.

Papers and the questions and not the same as learning

To participate in Biology A-level exams student protests, said the questions on the papers and their study is different.

Facebook online one student wrote, "I spent six months hard preparing for some exam papers on the results of Question 8 is only one related to the content with my learning."

Proposition Commission denied there are any errors out of the subject, but for the students expressed their understanding of protest and sympathy.

The Committee to students undertaking Marking staff to reflect the views of pupils will be taken into account, as a correcting papers and grading reference.

More than 3,000 students in a joint protest against the

More than 3,000 signatures protesting students in Facebook group page to post an angry message to express their dissatisfaction with the examination volume.

Student protesters worried that unfair exam will affect their performance, jeopardize their chances of success for the University.

Students said that they get when the papers, but also thought it was another subject of the examination papers.

A student at the Facebook page reads, "We are hard lessons, review, the time spent in vain, and this can not erupted in the university."

However, there is a group of students protesting in a signature page paper on the subject, said there is no problem, also called student protesters, "Do not grumble, it was too late."

AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) Examination Committee, a spokesman for the proposition that in the past had never seen such a test launch of an online protest.

He said that the Examination Board has fully understand that some candidates failed to fully reflect their concerns about examination of the subjects to master the understanding and ability.

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Microsoft does not follow the example of Google

IT news:

once again Microsoft indicated he did not push the Zune phone

According to foreign media reports, the Microsoft spokesman said recently that Microsoft has no intention to develop Zune phone.

Recently, the Microsoft Zune software has been upgraded. Insiders found that the update driver package INF file contains a "Phone" word, which means that Microsoft may be the secret development of Zune phone.( battery for m1730)

Analyst Katherine Egbert (KatherineEgbert) said last week that Microsoft is developing a Zune phone, most probably in 15 to 18 February in Barcelona, "Mobile World Congress" or in March in Las Vegas wireless Telecommunications Exhibition (CTIA) on the display.

Egbert also said that Microsoft is working with several OEM manufacturers to develop Zune phone, mode of cooperation with Google HTC phone in the NexusOne similar patterns of cooperation. (Battery for Dell Inspiron 9200)

Egbert view, Zune phone will support 720HD video, with at least 5 million pixel camera. In addition, Zune will use the next generation of mobile phone operating system WindowsMobile7.

In response, Microsoft has given the spokesman denied that, saying there is no development of Microsoft's Zune cell phone plan. With regard to rumors that Microsoft is developing a mobile phone a long time, but each time have been denied Microsoft. (A32 F3 battery)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (SteveBallmer) once said: "The development of own-brand mobile phones is not our strategy, our strategy is to develop software."

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Yahoo's Q4 profit reaches 153 million

IT news:

Yahoo's fourth-quarter net profit of 153 million U.S. dollars, earnings per share 11 cents, in 2008 over the same period a loss of 303.4 million U.S. dollars, a loss of 22 cents per share. Excluding distributed to partner sites revenue, on revenue of 1.26 billion U.S. dollars, super-analysts on average expected 1.23 billion U.S. dollars.

Yahoo is published in cooperation with Microsoft to give up part of the search technology, its search engine market share has been eroded. Last month, Yahoo's U.S. search market share from 20.5% over the same period in 2008 declined to 17.3%.

Excluding one-time profit and loss items, Yahoo's fourth-quarter earnings of 15 cents per share, below analysts on average expected 17 cents.

Yahoo said it expects total revenue in the current quarter, 1.58 billion -16.8 billion, higher than the investment bank Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster - Munster (Gene Munster) is expected to 15.5 billion U.S. dollars. Munster in a research report that this year, the U.S. Internet display advertising market will rebound in 2009, down 2% this year, up 10%.

4:00 pm the same day, Yahoo shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange rose 13 cents to close at 15.99 U.S. dollars. Last year, Yahoo's stock has risen 38%. Yahoo's profit by cutting costs, including the closure of underperforming businesses and massive layoffs. Last year, Yahoo shut down the Web hosting sector and the online storage sites Briefcase.

Earlier this month, Yahoo said its Zimbra e-mail and collaboration software business sold to VMware, the amount of individual transactions were not disclosed. The two sides are expected to complete the sale this quarter. Yahoo in 2007, spent 350 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Zimbra.

Cut costs

Yahoo hopes to reduce the costs associated with the search operations, such as engineering technology costs. Yahoo has a deal with Microsoft is expected to be completed early this year. Under the agreement, Yahoo will definitely be using Microsoft's search technology, the two sides were divided into related advertising revenue.

Yahoo and Microsoft partnership will help both companies to better compete with Google. According to an analysis provided by ComScore data showed last month, Google's search in the U.S. market share of 65.7%; share from Microsoft in May last year, will be launched before the 8% increased to 10.7%, Yahoo's share in May last year when the fell 20.1% to 17.3%.

Munster said that the partnership has not been completed and has been hampered by Yahoo in the search market competitiveness. Once the deal is completed, Yahoo, users can design their website to see the search function.

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Apple's net profit of 3.38 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter

Apple news:

According to foreign media reports, Apple's local time, Monday released the first quarter of fiscal year 2010 financial results. Showed a profit, Apple's net profit was 33.8 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 50%, earnings per share were 3.67 U.S. dollars.

Apple's net profit last year was 22.5 billion U.S. dollars, earnings per share of 2.5 U.S. dollars.

Apple's first-quarter revenue rose 32% to 15.68 billion U.S. dollars. iPhone sales of 8.74 million, Mac computer sales of 3.36 million units, iPod sales of 21 million. Apple released in October last year, the new iMac desktop in order to stimulate demand during the Christmas shopping season, and began selling in China, iPhone. U.S. investment firm Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster • Munster (Gene Munster), said investors can expect the first quarter Apple sold about 8.8 million iPhone and 3100000-3200000 Taiwan Mac computers.

U.S. investment firm Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw • Wu (Shaw Wu) said "Mac computer sales rather stick, iPhone sales slightly lower than expected," some investors hope that iPhone sales reach 10 million.

Wall Street analysts expect Apple's first-quarter earnings per share of 2.07 U.S. dollars on revenue of 12.06 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple said that the performance of growth and new accounting rules related to. Under the new accounting rules, Apple iPhone and Apple TV be able to service all the revenues included in the quarter.

Apple said it expects second-quarter earnings per share from 2.06 to 2.18 U.S. dollars on revenue of 11 billion to 11.4 billion U.S. dollars. Analysts expect Apple's second-quarter earnings per share of 1.77 cents and revenue of 104 billion dollars.

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Huawei's first Android ™ Mobile landed in Hong Kong

Huawei News:

Huawei Android ™ smart phones through Hong Kong's leading mobile communications operator PCCW, the first landed in Hong Kong. This very popular product in Europe welcomed the success of the relatively stringent requirements to enter the smart phone market in Hong Kong is bound to produce the pattern of the smart phone market in Hong Kong is not a small impact, leading a new consumer trends.

At the same time, Huawei Android ™ Mobile Platform for Hong Kong consumers more sophisticated mobile Internet experience. Huawei Android ™ smart phone's built a whole range of Google services, such as Google ™ search, Google Map ™ mapping service, Google Mail ™ web mail service, YouTube and so on, but also a built-Android Market application store, through which thousands of applications, users will be able to get a more user-friendly experience for mobile terminals. In addition, PCCW mobile has been downloaded in advance in the variety of PCCW mobile handset exclusive Android ™ applications, including news always on, HD on mobile TV Player, NETSync on mobile, MOOV Player.

As a leader in next-generation communications network technology vendors, Huawei's number of over one billion users worldwide, which is committed to providing innovative and tailored products, services and solutions, thereby creating long-term customer value and growth potential. In the terminal area, Huawei's terminal products cover mobile broadband, mobile phones, converged devices, and video terminals four groups. The release of the Android ™ smart phones, once again demonstrates Huawei's terminal on the market of professional standards. Huawei Android ™ smartphone body avant-garde design and good quality, Huawei's R & D team is the crystallization of continuous innovation.

Huawei's representative office in Hong Kong on behalf of Mr. Sun Aidong said: "We and PCCW has a good relationship for many years, in the last year, Huawei once with PCCW to launch a wide-E5 and other mobile broadband terminal products. This once again with PCCW cooperation in the Hong Kong launch Android ™ smart phones, also marks Huawei's products in the Hong Kong market has taken an important step. "

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