Microsoft does not follow the example of Google

IT news:

once again Microsoft indicated he did not push the Zune phone

According to foreign media reports, the Microsoft spokesman said recently that Microsoft has no intention to develop Zune phone.

Recently, the Microsoft Zune software has been upgraded. Insiders found that the update driver package INF file contains a "Phone" word, which means that Microsoft may be the secret development of Zune phone.( battery for m1730)

Analyst Katherine Egbert (KatherineEgbert) said last week that Microsoft is developing a Zune phone, most probably in 15 to 18 February in Barcelona, "Mobile World Congress" or in March in Las Vegas wireless Telecommunications Exhibition (CTIA) on the display.

Egbert also said that Microsoft is working with several OEM manufacturers to develop Zune phone, mode of cooperation with Google HTC phone in the NexusOne similar patterns of cooperation. (Battery for Dell Inspiron 9200)

Egbert view, Zune phone will support 720HD video, with at least 5 million pixel camera. In addition, Zune will use the next generation of mobile phone operating system WindowsMobile7.

In response, Microsoft has given the spokesman denied that, saying there is no development of Microsoft's Zune cell phone plan. With regard to rumors that Microsoft is developing a mobile phone a long time, but each time have been denied Microsoft. (A32 F3 battery)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (SteveBallmer) once said: "The development of own-brand mobile phones is not our strategy, our strategy is to develop software."

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