In July Google market share went down

Search Engine news:

August 19, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. market research agency Experian Hitwise released the latest data show that in July this year, Microsoft will be in the U.S. market share rose slightly, while Google shares during the period is slightly decreased. This trend also shows that Microsoft's search engine and Google has not much difference between the market share changes, or it can be said that Microsoft's search function will not be able to effectively attract large numbers of new users to join.

The agency's data, said in July this year, Microsoft will be the market share remained stable, slightly from the previous 9.85% to 9.86%, while Google shares over the same period fell slightly from 71.65% 71.43%, while Yahoo's market share in the same period from 14.37% to 14.43%.

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British 16-year-old boys network business earned £ 1,000,000

August 16, a British male student life at the age of 16 earned the first one million pounds, but he said: "I have not earned one hundred million, I will not stop." British "Daily Post "(Daily Mail) reports, Owens (Christian Owens) a year ago to establish their own businesses, he vowed not in the company earned 100 million pounds, he will not stop the business.

The student entrepreneurs in the age of 14, set up their own pocket money the first enterprise Mac Box Bundle site, since its inception in 2008, the company has earned £ 700,000.

A year later, he set up the click rate of advertising by companies Branchr, and extracurricular and weekend operators.

Branchr popular in the network, the first year earned £ 500,000, is now betting firm William Hill (William Hill) are also their customers. Social networking sites MySpace and because Branchr service benefit.

Owens currently employed in the United Kingdom and the United States eight employees, all adults, as business and technical assistants. He plans to open two Branchr office next year.

Owens now live with their parents, mother 43-year-old company secretary, and my father is 50-year-old factory worker, he said, he was by Apple (Apple) CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) inspired by the extraordinary success, only to To do business venture.

He earned the most money has been invested in both companies on.

He said: "I would like to create some things with innovative and easy to reform advertising works. Mac Box Bundle has been successful, but I want to motivate themselves to do something different, so we came up with ideas Branchr . "Owens said," I think everyone has a head for business, as long as the accumulated experience with the determination. business is no magic formula for this thing, only hard work and determination have power to make different things. " He said, "My goal is to become a mobile advertising network and a famous figure, driven to its pinnacle. I do not know after 10 years I will do, but I have not earned Jin 100 million pounds, I will not leave Branchr. "Owens insisted he will not affect the success of professional personal life, photography with the guitar is his interest.

He said: "I told my friends not to talk about my achievements. To them, I'm just a normal young people, business prudence would not change anything between us." Owens to play from the 7-year-old computer, the age of 10 are the first Macintosh computer (Mac) computer, and then begin learning basic web design.