"Fortune"-Sohu got the third place of fastest-growing technology companies

Digital news:

"Fortune" magazine list in 2009, today the world's fastest growing 100 companies includes technology and Internet companies, super-20, Sohu, Shanda, Ctrip and AsiaInfo is a chart of several Chinese companies. Sohu ranks third,which is behind RIM and Sigma.

"Fortune" magazine rated and said: Sohu in the past four quarters revenues reached 460 million U.S. dollars, the third consecutive year growth rate of 59%, earnings per share growth rate of 78%.

For RIM, the company had topped the list, in the past four quarters revenue income reached 11.065 billion U.S. dollars, the company a market value of 44 billion U.S. dollars.

The following is a chart of the 20 science, technology and Internet companies list:


2. Embedded systems solutions provider Sigma


4, on-demand software and e-commerce service provider Ebix

5, Shanda

6, Luxembourg telecom operator Millicom International Cellular

7, the Canadian enterprise content management software provider Open Text

8, Pegasystems Business Process Management

9, ANSYS engineering simulation software developers

10, Ctrip

11, Apple

12, AsiaInfo

13, touch-screen technology providers Synaptics

14, Amazon

15, infrared equipment, FLIR Systems

16, Dolby Laboratories

17, Blizzard

18, Google

19, the Spanish IT company Telvent GIT

20, China Medical Technologies, Inc.

21, IT outsourcing services provider Syntel

22, portable navigation devices by Garmin

23, interactive marketing and consulting firm Sapient

24, online security certification service provider Vasco Data Security International

25, IT services company Cognizant Technology Solutions

26, Western Digital

27, India's second largest IT company Infosys Technologies

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2009 24 Best Software

Software news:

1. Windows 7 –The best

2. Game, "The Beatles: rock band" (The Beatles: Rock Band)
Price: £ 40

3. Norton Internet Security 2010 (Norton Internet Security 2010) Price: £ 50

4. Game DCS KA-50 Black Shark Price: £ 35

5. Video editing authoring software, VideoStudio Pro X2 (VideoStudio) Price: £ 67

6. Game Batman: Agam el madhouse (Batman: Arkham Asylum) Price: £ 35

7. Antivirus software Bitdefender Total Security 2010 Price: £ 45

8. Game "Championship Manager 2010" (Championship Manager 2010) Price: £ 30

9. Antivirus software, Symantec Norton 360 3.0 Price: £ 60

10. Album editing management software Scrapbook Factory Deluxe Price: £ 30

11. Antivirus software, Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Price: £ 50

12. Game "Battlefield 1943" (Battlefield 1943) Price: £ 10

13. Windows upgrades Laplink PC Mover Price: £ 42

15. Image processing software Portrait Professional 9 Price: £ 50

16. Remote management software Teamviewer 4

18. Game "Empire: Total War" (Empire: Total War) Price: £ 40

19. Game "Anno: Create a New World" Price: £ 30

20. Site Tools Mr Site Takeaway Website Beginner Price: £ 20

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Firefox 3.5 is the most widely used browser than IE7

IT news:

December 22, according to foreign media reports, research firm Stat Counter data show that, Firefox3.5 has surpassed IE7, as the world's most widely used browser.

Stat Counter said that as the users from IE 7 upgrade to IE 8, leading to sharp drop in share of IE7, IE8 is basically flat now. The Firefox3.5 is recently roaring and replace the hegemony of IE 7.
Stat Counter data show that IE 7 is currently a market share of 21.21%, IE8 is 20.31%, while the Firefox3.5 increased to 21.92%.

Firefox 3.0 market share 9.01%, Firefox2.0 of 1.01%. But overall, IE combined market share is still dominant, IE6.0 market share of 13.92%.

In addition, Safari 4.0 market share of 3.02%, while Opera 9.6 to 0.42%.

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2009's most concerned 10 largest electronics products

IT news:
December 21 news, foreign well-known IT web site PcAdviser recently selected the most talked about 10 electronic products in 2009, the following is the site's ranking:

Chapter 1: Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft's latest desktop PC operating systems, compared to Windows Vista, it is welcomed by the market's concern which is not surprising.

Chapter 2: Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple's iPhone has become a legend, and enduring. The new product launch in June this year, widely praised by users: This is iPhone3GS connection speed and quality of products, the best paragraph.

Chapter 3: Panasonic Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7
The digital camera is the top ten most concerned of the data products, the only cameras. The camera's image quality is very high.

Chapter 4: Microsoft anti-virus software, Microsoft Security Essentials
As the world's largest software developer, Microsoft software products are brand new and free to download, the market was very curious, and among the top 10 is very normal.

Chapter 5: Kaspersky Internet Security Software (Internet Security 2010)
Kaspersky Kaspersky Internet Security Software (KIS) 2010 with its powerful ability to deal with malicious software among the five.

Chapter 6: Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T
Major companies in this year introduced a variety of notebook computers, the acer Aspire Timeline 5810T stood out for its ultra-long standby Acer Aspire 5810T Battery time.

Chapter 7: Apple iMac Computer
Apple's iMac, the gradual evolution of the home entertainment center, which features more and more worthy to experience.

Chapter 8: HTC Touch Pro2 mobile
HTC launched the smart phone features greatly improved.

Chapter 9: Electronic games "The Sims 3" (Sims 3)
Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts) launched the game popular with the market.

Chapter 10: LCD Monitor Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS
The world's leading display manufacturers liyama Iiyama LCD Co., Ltd. launched product.

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