Apple Lisa Computer discount price is available for 43 iPad

Apple News:

On The morning of March 27, according to foreign media reports, the United Kingdom Vouchers online trading site for the past 30 years, Apple's product cost analysis and found that 1983 release of Apple's Lisa computer folding replaced if the current price, you can purchase a full 43 Department of iPad VGP-BPS8.

Vouchers will be many years of inflation into account, which will be issued at a price converted into current prices. As a means of pairs of iPad Apple A1189 battery products in the ages to judge the pricing.

1983 Macintosh prototype, which is Apple M4685 batterys Lisa computer when it is published price of 9995 U.S. dollars, while the folding replaced by current prices as high as 2.1745 million U.S. dollars. MacintoshPortable released in 1989 was priced at 6500 U.S. dollars, while the discount price is as high as 1.1356 million U.S. dollars. In the October 2001 release of the first generation iPod was priced at 399 dollars, while the discount price also reached 498 U.S. dollars. The Starter Edition iPad price of only 499 U.S. dollars.

Through the above data is easy to see, iPad in the ancient Apple's pricing of the product is indeed relatively low.

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Sony Ericsson announces five new products such as X10i

March 25 message, in the Sony Ericsson "Let's communicate more entertainment," conference, the Chinese mainland market for the Sony Ericsson officially announced the XPERIA ™ X10i, U8i, XPERIA ™ X2i, VGP-BPS8, as well as the GreenHeart ™ environmentally friendly series of mobile phones M1i, J20 such as five new products. Has fully demonstrated in 2010 the opening of ergonomic design, precision angular process, combined with the unique open-intelligent platform user experience and a wealth of entertainment, social networking, Internet applications Sony VGP-BPS9 .

XPERIA ™ X10i is the most dazzling star of the conference, the cell phone based on Android operating platform, truly and cell phone users between the human interaction: "Holographic Communication Management" (Timescape ™) with time sequence, scroll aggregation of all friends of the SNS, e-mail, SMS and other dynamic information, click on each message on the "infinite button" (Infinite Button), with the friends all the relevant information is in aggregate form to communicate fully revealed, no longer need to open the 11 different software applications, browse or reply to greatly enhance the user's communication efficiency; "full media management" (Mediascape) mobile phone in the pictures, music and video content classification together, each subdivided into "recently viewed , "" recently added "," most often see, "" Favorites "and other labels, click the" infinite button "(Infinite Button), will automatically open the appropriate software, view photos and enjoy the songs, play video. In addition, users can even get your phone automatically searches for information on the artist's song, on-demand all of its online video, add unlimited fun. Has a 4-inch large touch screen DELL M1730 Battery, 1GHz CPU powerful processing performance, X10i will help users more intuitive way of managing the work and laptop battery life and created an unprecedented communication experience!

The design is similar with the U5i subtle U8i, using a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, a combination of methods, users send and receive e-mail, SMS, or the use of SNS client release of information, they can achieve a more convenient and efficient communication. U8i also support 720P HD video recording, continuous autofocus, WLAN connectivity can upload high-definition video, to show your "director" talent. The fifth edition of the S60 platform on Symbian ™, users can also PlayNow ™ and Symbian ™ developer community to download rich applications, access to more personalized applications, wallpapers, ring tones and other resources.

As Sony Ericsson's field of environmental protection in the low-carbon long-term commitment - GreenHeart ™ series of mobile phones the latest environmentally friendly products, M1i, J20 environmental protection and communication, a more closely integrated. Based on the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 system, M1i, all-touch media menus, customizable display control panel, Slide View function, support handwriting and QWERTY keyboard, dual-input, etc. to help users to achieve a balance control of a real life. J20 will protect the environment in the end, in the noisy background, the noise and intelligent to adjust the volume not only greatly improved voice quality, but also the sound is too large to reduce environmental pollution Dell Studio 1735 Battery, so that environmental protection is reflected in every nuance.

Adopt the same Windows Mobile 6.5 platform for XPERIA ™ X2i, like a computer phone, QWERTY keyboard, with finger touch screen, easy and comfortable browsing and editing documents, sending and receiving e-mail, log on to track friends SNS dynamic, so that everything is in the hands!

Accompanied by representatives of the XPERIA ™ X10i for the release of new products, Sony Ericsson, "Communication entertainment" strategy becomes clearer, with the core functionality of these new phones, and built-in support for unique applications, users of traditional audio-visual entertainment, based on the it can perform personalized content publishing (photos, text, video, etc.), sharing, mobile communication and entertainment will thus become endless!

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Sony, Intel andGoogle co-develop next-generation TV

March 18 message, "New York Times" (New YorkTimes) reported today that Internet giant Google (Google) has been and Intel (Intel) and Sony VGP-BPS8 (Sony) hand in hand, ready to develop GoogleTV platform for the network into the next generation of television and Digital set-top box system.

Reported that Google has developed a prototype set-top boxes, but the networking features such integration technology can also be directly built into the TV or Blu-ray players and other devices. The television technology, built on Google's Android open mobile operating system platform to Intel's Atom chips VGP-BPS9.

Google TV software will provide users with new television interface, so that they can use Web search can also watch YouTube, Laptop battery and other videos.

Games and social networking sites can also operate on this system.

The scheme has been carried out for several months, but the company does not comment one is willing to come forward.

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Huawei deploys LTE networks 69


The afternoon of March 19 messages (both Chiang Kai-shek, animal husbandry), according to Huawei said so far the company has deployed around the world more than nine LTE commercial networks and 60 LTE laboratory, field trial network. The figure is refreshed after Huawei announced by the end of 2009, 42 LTE network. In addition, Huawei has contributed to 3GPP standards bodies such as over 3300 LTE / SAE standards for the proposal xps m1730 Battery.

With almost all of Europe's leading operators in the Asia-Pacific strategic cooperation LTE

According to Huawei, relevant sources, it is currently working with Huawei in the area of strategic cooperation between LTE world's leading operators in a large number, including China Mobile, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom T-Mobile, Telefonica (Telefonica), Telecom Italia, TIM, xps m1530 Battery, TeliaSonera, Telenor and so on, " Almost all of Europe's leading operators in Asia-Pacific region, both in and Huawei, LTE close cooperation. "

In addition, Huawei also last year in the United States and Japan have been established LTE Laboratory, obviously very value of the LTE in North America and Japan market opportunities.

According to the information already in the public, Huawei received LTE commercial contracts include Teliasonera Norway, MTS Uzbekistan, Telenor of Norway, Net4 mobility Sweden, Belgium, Belgacom, as well as China Mobile TD-LTE World Expo projects xps m1330 Battery.

An active part in LTE evolution: MWC2010 demo 600Mbps downlink speed

To catch up with the times as the 2G and 3G era of participants who, Huawei 3.9G and even in the 4G era is full of desire to become a leader, and has invested considerable resources.

Huawei's Wireless Product Line Wan Biao, who earlier this year to accept connections, introduced C114, Huawei has a philosophy of "to do now with the future technology products", that is to anticipate customer needs to provide certain forward-looking solutions and technologies Dell inspiron e1505 Battery .

In this year's Barcelona World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC2010), Huawei to use its latest LTE-Advanced systems, 40Mhz to display up to 600Mbps data transmission downlink speed. This record rate of more than the current commercial 3G network, 20 times, is expected to completely change the user experience to meet the high demand for bandwidth data applications, such as "to download a 4GB DVD-movie only need less than 1 minute."

LTE-Advanced is the next stage of the evolution of LTE technology, recently developed by the 3GPP standards VGP-BPS13 battery. LTE-Advanced will include the functions and global roaming, service compatibility with other wireless access systems interoperability and enhanced peak data transfer rate and other major features to support more advanced services and applications.

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