7 big tough guys in the history of Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers plays an important in the NBA championship and in the past couple of years, it has won lots of NBA championships and left the NBA fans so many wonderful stories. IN these stories there were a lot of heroes and their spirit will live in our heart for ever.

Take a look and enjoy it

7. Ron Artest
Before entering the Lakers, Ron Artest has won a tough guy reputation in NBA, perhaps in the future he can be the first tough guy as the list Lakers player, but at the moment, he had just joined the army temporarily at No. 7.

6. Shaquille - O'Neal
When Big shark swims around the rim, he is unstoppable monster, probably the most dominant in the history of NBA, anyone who annoyed him will be absolutely no good either.

5. Derek - Fisher

Mr. Fisher always gives the feeling of fish in fact he is currently the league, one of the toughest players as I remembered last season's playoffs, he has given Luis Scola of the Rockets a power elbow. Do you remember?

4. "Magic" Johnson

Magicians is always not afraid of any challenge, in the fifth finals Games in 1980, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was sending-off, Johnson played center position to change the results of the big man and the Celtics can NOT guard the paint in their district, at last Lakers won the NBA championship.

3. Wirth - Chamberlain

Although he only played five seasons for the Lakers, they help the team enter the finals four times and won a championship. he was NBA's most dominant player before O'Neal.

2 . Kobe Bryant

Even his head, shoulders, knees and toes ... ... badly bruised, it can still insist on fighting, especially in times of crisis the team was behind, Bryant’s spirit will become more resilient and tough!

1. AC Green
What is a tough guy? What is called tough? In a 15-season he only missed three games, AC Green is a well-deserved, "Iron Man." From 1986 to 2001, Green took part in the horrors of 1192 games to help the Lakers won three NBA champion titles.
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Dell ads deceived consumers and paid 4 million U.S. dollars

According to foreign media reports, Dell and New York prosecutors reached an agreement Tuesday to the victims of fraud advertising who were paid four million U.S. dollars. In this case, the New York State prosecutors had accused of Dell's deceptive advertising, content, consumer loans involving the purchase of computers, and as well as some warranty. New York State Attorney General Kumo said some consumers did not get the services they additionally paid, such as 99 U.S. dollars and 250 dollars to buy warranty. But when announcing the agreement, Dell does not admit any fault. Kumo believes that Dell's sales in advertising should be much clearer that in fact the majority of consumers are inconsistent with the purchase of loans and on-site service the next day. Consumers can log on www.nyagdell.com to register to receive compensation. Dell spokesman expressed satisfaction in solving the case this Tuesday.
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"Transformers 2" received 400 million within 19 days, breaking record

The major entertainment news: "" Transformers 2 "sinking" Titanic "" is a popular big news all over the world. in 1998 "Titanic" reached 360 million yuan in mainland China, and now "Transformers 2" which is also from Hollywood broke through 400 million yuan within 19 day. from the above numbers, it is certainly a gratifying news. Just behind the numbers, there is a 11 years. 11 years, the world is changing, with these 11 years, 400 million yuan is not a record-breaking like 100 meters race.

Let's take a tracing location of the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
June 2-5 Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) as Shanghai, China
June 6-7 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Chantilly, VA) as same
June 9 - 21 Philadelphia, PA
June 9 Cappucelli's Meats, Italian Market South Philly
June 10-11 Laurel Hill Cemetery
June 11-12 University of Pennsylvania, Quad
June 12-14 University of Pennsylvania, Psi Upsilon (Castle) Fraternity as Princeton
June 13 East River Drive
June 14, 18 Richmond Power Plant
June 14 Free Library on Ben Franklin Parkway
June 18 Front Street
June 13, 17, 20-21 Eastern State Penitentiary
June 18-19 Philadelphia City Hall as Ecole Militaire in Paris, France
June 22-25 Princeton University, NJ
Sedona, AZ - dates, locations unknown (rumor)
?-? 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (Tucson, AZ) (rumor)
?-? Edwards Air Force Base (Lancaster, CA)
August 26-27 - Long Beach, CA Queensway Bridge
September 12-October 6 - Holloman Airforce Base and White Sands Missile Range (Alamogordo, NM) as Egypt
October 7 - Tucson International Airport (Tucson, AZ)
October 8-? - The Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Tucson, AZ)
October 9 - Naval Base Coronado (Coronado, CA)
October 17 - Valley of the Kings, Egypt
"Transformers 2" is the second fastest to achieve 300 million U.S. dollars in Hollywood history . "Transformers 2" has more than 600 million U.S. dollars all over the world. "Transformers 2" Directed by Michael Bay achieve the largest income in the past 2008, The first "Transformers" in the U.S. box office revenue of 319 million U.S. dollars, 708 million U.S. dollars in the worldwide revenue.
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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 will be officially released on October 22

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 will be officially released October 22, which may give the sluggish PC industry a rebound in the holiday sales season.
Microsoft will provide the service of "technology guarantee (tech guarantee)" of the upgrade options for those who is using older versions of Windows operating system.
Earlier in this month, Microsoft said it hoped to launch Windows 7 earlier before the good sale season. It was said in the April that Windows 7 may not be able to release in October, and now the rumors have been proved unfounded.
Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc said at that time, "If we received from the feedback from the Windows 7 RC which can achieve quality expectations, about 3 months later it will be followed by RTM. "
Microsoft had previously said that all versions of Windows 7 will be able to run on desktop and notebooks, and also run on the growing popularity of netbook. Since the hardware of the majority of the netbook can not meet the requirements in Vista, at present only the Windows XP and Linux operating systems could fit the netbook.
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Nepal's youth inventor: solar panels can generate 9 volts power with his hair

Nepal's 18-year-olds inventor Karl has invented solar panels made by the hair in rural areas, which cost only 23 pounds, and is able to generate 9-volt power source. Karl said made from human hair, the new solar panel (solar panel) can provide low-cost, green energy, and solve the energy which is shortly needed in most developing countries.

Milan said that at first he just wanted to provide electricity for their own family , followed by their village, and now he was considering to provide electricity for over the world.
Hair acts as a conductor solar panels instead of expensive silicon, which means that it will reduce the cost of solar panels and provided for the short energy area. Nepal, as the world's poorest countries and many rural areas are short of power, even in areas connected with the power lines, residents are usually facing up to 16 hours electricity shortage every day.

In Nepal, you can buy half a kilo of sand hair with 16 Nepal dollars, electrical energy can be provided by a few months with these hairs. The battery can only be using for a few nights with 50 Nepal dollars. And what is more! The people can easily collect free of hair, hence this method appears to benefit a lot.

Since three years ago, Karl had had this idea, he will do the research for this important issue. The limited resources and global warming makes the demand of renewable resources more urgent, With the slow depletion of natural resources, people need to consider the future of humanity, one day we will face a major energy crisis, it must now be begun to take action to save the planet a long way to go.
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