IOS countenance hope for tilt

O.K., I normally don't stake in the sphere of the forums, but I wanted to stake my wishlist in favor of iOS, what did you say? I poverty to see to it that and stuff.

-The capability to transform the default apps, and delete standard apps.

This is a general countenance requset, but the launch of Chrome in favor of iOS has rock-hard this in favor of me. I have a thing about Chrome in favor of iOS, the ui, pre-caching, and nearly everyone importantly, syncing with desktop Chrome. I depletion syncing concerning search and search cell so much, I can't justify switching if not it can offer a akin experience on the cell region of things. I can't justify it if Sparrow strength of character initiate relations into search with rebuff way to acquire them in excess of to Chrome furthermore repetition the link. In addition, e-mailing from search at all times goes to the default app, not Sparrow, which is my e-mail app in favor of iOS. If we may well recently wish the default apps in favor of browser, photos, email, youtube, baby grand, and weather, it would progress to things so much nicer. After that, if we may well delete default apps so we don't need a folder on the carry on call in favor of apps we in no way depletion.

-A unsophisticated sort logic in favor of better app-to-app letter.

Let's look it, it is not a very elegant solution in favor of single app to maintain to specifically support apps like dropbox, throw the sort to the internet, and after that bring the sort back down to your device whilst they both are using the same luggage compartment. Both app may well maintain their own seperate library with the aim of other apps can't access, like it is at present. After that, near may well be present a unsophisticated, universal single with the aim of apps can offer part of their content to a selection of types of apps. Using the dropbox instance again, the app may well maintain tags adage it is in favor of this type of app (of curriculum these tags would be present made by Apple), and after that Drobox would maintain a receiving tag with the aim of says it strength of character recieve these kind of tags. After that, just the once congeal up, the app would consequentially throw all info with compatible tags to drobox.

-Fix the issues with Notification meeting place not decent in the sphere of with the lay of the transitions in the sphere of iOS.

As soon as I read this from a location (can't remember someplace though), it bugs me each occasion I depletion Notification meeting place. Each os transition is more or less sliding objects, informative things behind it. The multitasking tray slides up, informative the apps behind it. The folders split, informative the apps in the sphere of the folder behind it. What did you say? Does the Notification meeting place execute, it slides ON TOP OF your current screen. Why does it depart from the lay of the ui? What did you say? It ought to execute is provide the current "handle" the same as you slide down, pulling the current screen down, informative the notification meeting place behind the screen. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does. It is single of folks things with the aim of I can't unsee (sorry in favor of all folks with the aim of read this and are like me, and at present are annoyed by it).

-Add widgets to Notification meeting place.

If they continually realize widgets, they ought to NOT execute it on the facilitator. The to your house screen is more or less opening apps, widgets are more or less since in a row. Whilst I reach to the homescreen, I already know what did you say? I am vacant to reach to subsequently. I don't need to see to it that info more or less something with the aim of I strength of character not initiate, or else am already vacant to initiate since I am already headed near. It makes other impression to position it in the sphere of Notification meeting place, which is alert on feeding info to you. If they had seperate pages in favor of notifications and widgets, I don't worry. For the reason that Notification meeting place is to be had the world over, you can see to it that with the aim of info the world over, more readily after that since it on the to your house screen in the sphere of the hardly any seconds with the aim of you are near. I know a little colonize strength of character counter this logic by adage "coming from the lockscreen, you need to be present able to see to it that all the info in the sphere of a second". This indicate is moot, since the lockscreen has all your notifications, so why would you need widgets as soon as since all your notifications.

-Add functionality to the melody app.

I recently discoverd a little annoyances with the melody app. I locate it irratating of how petty functionality the quick access melody controls are on the lock screen. At the outset, why can't the melody controls at all times be present near whilst melody is in performance? Why execute I maintain to bend in two click the to your house button to acquire these skin texture. Succeeding, why can't they position shuffle and go over toggles near, even if it is revealed by a bend in two click, I would be present opportune. It is obtuse with the aim of it shows photo album painting and controls, recently to shuffle around a tiny smidgen whilst unlocked. If the go over and shuffle toggles flanked the photo album and song choose, it wouldn't clutter things too much.

Subsequently, I maintain a playlist with the aim of consists of all the songs I maintain from three bands, OneRepublic, Death taxicab in favor of Cutie, and Coldplay. I maintain them grouped by actor, which after that groups both actor by photo album. I locate it frustrating with the aim of near is rebuff trailer on the region, which is normally mail for the reason that in the sphere of "songs" it is in the sphere of Alphabetical order. For the reason that it is structured by photo album, it would help a allotment to locate songs by having a little sort of point on the region. I realize this is farfetched for the reason that of the amount of various songs a little colonize maintain, but it would help a allotment in favor of having a little kind of slider on the region (just wishful thinking).

I think with the aim of is all the skin texture I am wishing in favor of real at present on my iPod tap. I chance with the aim of by the side of smallest amount a little of these may well be present implemented.


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