Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Officer 10 candidates conjecture

Mark - following the resignation of Hurd, HP's biggest question is who will be selected as the Mark - Hurd's successor. Currently, HP has been in a conference call Friday afternoon that the candidate may come from within the company, it may come from outside the company. According to informed sources, the following 10 reasons people might consider HP's new CEO candidates.

1, Todd - Bradley (Todd Bradley)

Bradley currently Hewlett-Packard personal computer (PC) business unit's executive vice president. HP's PC business is the core business and soul. In Bradley's leadership, HP has surpassed Dell and IBM, the world's largest maker of personal computers. This typical low-margin PC business success primarily depends on such factors as the corresponding cost reduction, while Bradley has taken an iron hand, measures to achieve this goal. Bradley was a Palm (which HP acquired this year's) former chief executive, has served as General Electric Capital (GE Capital) and Gateway computer company's top management positions.

2, Ann - Livermore (Ann Livermore)

Livermore is a work in HP employees over 20 years old, currently responsible for HP's enterprise business, including HP's own fastest growing, highest interest rate products, such as technical services, and including EDS including enterprise storage and services. But one thing negative factor is that Livermore at HP in 2005 when he lost to choose new chief executive to resign just now Mark - Hurd.

3, John - Joyce (John Joyce)

Joyce previously served as U.S. private investment firm managing director of Silver Lake Group, the investment company investing in technology industries. Joyce is currently the director of HP, after working in IBM.

4, Kaxi - Laisiguke (Cathie Lesjak)

Hewlett-Packard as interim chief executive Les Jiake Gang, now that it has made it clear that companies do not intend to appoint a permanent CEO. Laisijiake has worked at HP for 24 years, HP has been working in the financial sector to help companies manage accounting.

5, Bob - Wayman (Bob Wayman)

Wayman was HP's former chief financial officer, retired in 2006. Wayman is also a HP senior veterans, joined HP in 1969. Hewlett-Packard CEO Fiorina to resign in 2005 after Wayman served as interim CEO of HP, until Mark - Hart office.

The following are the CEO of Hewlett-Packard external possible candidates, are a prominent figure in the technology sector.

6, Ned - Hopple (Ned Hooper)

霍普尔思科 currently chief strategy officer and head of mergers and acquisitions, the future may also replace current CEO John Chambers posts. Cisco has been in cultivation Hopple joined Cisco in order to make the top end, but as one of Cisco's biggest rival Hewlett-Packard chief executive office, on the Hopple, the will be unable to resist the temptation of a full opportunity.

7, Stephen - Ai Luopu (Stephen Elop)

Ai Luopu is currently president of Microsoft Business Division, responsible for Microsoft's Office related businesses. Yiluo Pu was the world's second largest network equipment company Juniper Networks former chief operating officer. Yiluo Pu is a very serious managers, has been in the technology industry for many years and has worked in Adobe Systems Inc. and Macromedia, such as senior executives.

8, Ray - Blue (Ray Lane)

Ray - has served as the former chief executive of Oracle, because Oracle in 2000 and founder Larry - Ellison does not and left the company. Ray - Portland currently employed VCs Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

9, Greg - Brown (Greg Brown)

Greg - one of Brown's co-CEO of Motorola, was once considered a long-term suffering to help bail out the plight of one of the people of Motorola.

10, Kevin - Johnson, month (Kevin Johnson)

Johnson previously served as Microsoft Network and Windows business unit head, also participated in the 2008 acquisition of Yahoo, Microsoft failed to defeat the matter, but also one of the important figures. After the failure of this deal, and Johnson then left the company to join Juniper, and became the company's chief executive.


Business Week: Smart phones will replace traditional credit card payment system

August 5, "Business Week" article points out, AT & T and Verizon Wireless intends to launch a mobile payment system, the mobile payment system may replace the traditional credit card payment system. It is estimated that Americans use credit cards now total about 1 billion, part of which may soon be replaced by smart phones.

According to three sources familiar with, AT & T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile intends to develop a smartphone using the mobile payment system, which could have a traditional credit card payment systems pose new threats.

Although the technical details yet to be perfect, but with this service, consumers can use when shopping smart phones to pay for. Transactions will be the fourth largest U.S. payment network Discover Financial Services to deal with. Informed sources said London's Barclays will help manage user accounts. The operators, Barclays and Discover representatives declined to comment.

Retail Industry Leaders Association (Retail Industry Leaders Assn.)'s Brian Dodge that the payment services market is now a lack of real competition. If you have a secure and reliable network competitors, and can reduce the cost of retailers, then retailers will certainly be welcome.

According to Nilson Report, said U.S. consumers are now more than half of the purchase transaction is to use a variety of bank cards and electronic payment means to pay, and when in 2003, this proportion is also only 36%. U.S. consumer spending last year, there are 3.1 trillion U.S. dollars of the money is paid by credit and debit cards, which use the Visa and MasterCard payments for the 2.45 trillion U.S. dollars, the share was 79%. Mercatus, according to Boston Consulting Group survey found that more than half of U.S. consumers and nearly 80% of the age of 18 years to 34 years of U.S. consumers will use mobile within 5 years of financial services.

Boston Federal Reserve Bank's policy paper in May, said the new payment system may encounter many obstacles, difficult to stand our ground rapidly in the United States. Report, unless the consumer was aware that there are enough businesses to accept mobile payment solution, otherwise they will not use the phone payment system; and for the business, unless the number of mobile payment system to achieve a certain number of consumers, Otherwise they would not use the mobile payment technology. Businesses must spend on each e-reader the purchase cost of 200 U.S. dollars, while the upgraded mobile phone with built-in microchip also makes the phone cost by 10 dollars to 15 dollars.

Visa and MasterCard are investing in developing their own mobile payment system.

Conclusion: AT & T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile ready to launch smart phone payment system may push the United States the rapid development of mobile payment technology.

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eWeek: Firefox and other browsers will be lost

Firefox browser is losing competitiveness. In the past the face of seemingly unable to beat the competitors, Mozilla has developed a superior performance of the Internet browser. With the growing popularity of Firefox, its users set up a good reputation all contribute to the company than any ad to open up the browser market. Currently, Firefox browser, IE browser, came in after the world's second largest popular browser. Firefox is generally considered superior to Microsoft's IE.

But in the past few months, Mozilla's Firefox browser has lost about 2% of market share. The beginning of this year, Google's Chrome browser popularity. Although Mozilla's supporters still believe that this is only a short-term problem, Firefox browser will be recouped. But the situation is likely to be worse. In fact, Firefox browser, likely to become the losers in the browser market. The following ten reasons:

1. Market share is declining

Firefox's market share is declining, that there is no controversy. A few months ago, the market research company said NetMarketShare, the browser also holds 24% market share, but according to the company's latest survey in July, Firefox accounted for only 22% of the market. At the same time, IE has more than 60% market share, Chrome browser, though still far behind these two browsers, but it gradually took possession of more than 7% market share, exceeding the set earlier this year 5% of the market. It appears that the user is turning the other from the Firefox browser, and in any assessment of the browser market, you have to remember this.

2.IE browser recovery

Speaking of growth, it is worth mentioning that, IE browser market comeback is indeed surprising. Not long ago, it was believed that Microsoft will compete in the browser market in anything, because IE is still continuing to users create all kinds of trouble. But later, Microsoft abandoned support for IE6, but intends to provide users with Firefox and Chrome as a browser as more valuable. In the short term, Microsoft is to regain market share, thanks to the users of IE8. It is true that there are benefits to not much, but they stressed that the use of ordinary consumers are willing to IE browser, not Firefox or other browsers. This is very detrimental to the Mozilla.

3. Google's Chrome browser, developing good

In the browser market, Google can be considered a junior, but it has gradually felt the impact of this company. As mentioned earlier, Chrome browser market share is growing rapidly. In accordance with the current momentum, Chrome to continue to grow down. Unfortunately for on Mozilla, if Chrome's market share growth in the more users will use Firefox, less. In most cases, people use Firefox, because compared with IE it is a better choice. If they found the market there is still a better browser, which Mozilla will be a disastrous.

4. Mobile market is essential

For most browsers manufacturers, mobile market is fast becoming a key area of competition. Apple launched its iPhone, the Safari mobile browser, Google Android device will provide mobile Chrome browser. Recently, Opera will be the mobile version of the browser into the market. However, Firefox mobile browser, there still exist many deficiencies. Taking into account more and more users will use the mobile browser, Mozilla should be as soon as possible for the user to provide the corresponding mobile browser, and not to watch their market share continue to erode. Halo effect (Halo effect) in the browser market is very strong. Mozilla should remember this.

5. Value Game

Select the browser, the user will choose the most valuable software. For a long time, Mozilla's browser comes as the company provided first. Compared with the IE browser, its faster, more secure, and its extensibility makes Firefox even more useful. Available today, the situation has changed. Chrome faster, other browsers also have the scalability, Firefox with the market in the security of other non-IE browsers quite. Consumers have begun to realize this. This will continue to hamper the development of Mozilla.

6. Mozilla's reputation is not enough

In the high-tech industry, who determine the success fame, who failed. In the browser market, it has helped the development of Microsoft's IE browser, it may also help Google's Chrome browser to become the number one competitor in this area. Mozilla can run, but it is a bad news. And as the popularity of Firefox, Mozilla is not a household name. For novice users, the general Web, using software from a trusted brand (such as Microsoft or Google) is very important. Looking ahead, we can see more and more users will choose Chrome, the reason is simply: it can replace IE, and from a company they know and trust.

7. Will become increasingly fierce competition

The face of the world's most powerful high-tech companies, Mozilla is also able to develop past. But this one is also the face of the world's most powerful companies, to increase again, really difficult. Google on their browser, confident that if the Chrome beat IE, Google will be able to increase their number of searches, and maximize advertising revenue. In realizing this, Google might be more willing to invest more of its Chrome browser resources. In order to provide up to become a more powerful Google, Microsoft may also take the same approach. The funds have been relatively small Mozilla, Mozilla in this regard need to catch up with Microsoft. But for now, it does not seem to be raised.

8. Business users can not be ignored

Mozilla may not put too much focus on business users above, but perhaps should. Why IE is so popular today, mainly in the business world can be directly attributed to its success. Whether big or small company, now had to rely on IE to do the job. In fact, some Web-based enterprise solutions apply only to Microsoft's browser. If Firefox to succeed, and to resist the challenge from Google, it needs to make more contributions to the enterprise. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse.

9. Firefox has fallen behind

Mozilla found itself at an unfamiliar position. The company was once far ahead of the competition, because the expansion of their browser and the page loading time is short. However, everything changed, because the industry in other browsers also completed the improvements. Now, contrary to Mozilla's time to catch up with rivals. Whether able to catch up, and now is just speculation. Introduced in Mozilla Firefox, it is better than a lot of Microsoft's browser. Today, it needs to find a better way than other software. According to some of the characteristics Firefox4 of view, the company may be experiencing a difficult period. In fact, most reports have claimed, Firefox4 will not keep up with Chrome's browsing speed. If Mozilla To regain lost market share, it is indeed not good news.

10.Opera brought heavy losses to the Mozilla

Opera browser market may only have a small part, but you can say it and Microsoft, as Google has brought heavy losses to Mozilla. The reason is simple: Opera attracts those involved in Microsoft and Google do not want to dispute the advanced users. Opera in the mobile market as a force to be reckoned with, more users choose Opera as their mobile browser, which makes the Opera entirely possible that in the desktop market share. Mozilla must not underestimate the Opera, if only to cast a shadow on the future of Firefox.


iPod Nano takes place "fire" in Japan, China has not appeared the analogue yet

METI announced last week they demanded Apple branch office in Japan to give explanation before August 4 about part of the models of Apple's iPod Nano music player become superheat during charging.
Japanese Economy and Industry Ministry spokesman said Apple iPod Nano products launched in 2005 has led to 27 fire incidents, 6 of which required firefighters to put out.

“Four people got injury as a result of they touched the overheating iPod Nano equipment." The speaker introduced. Japanese Economy and Industry said Apple branch office in Japan had to provide detailed reasons for body overheating before August 4, and write the number and reason of foreign similar incidents into the report, and illustrate how to take measures to prevent similar situations from occurring at home and abroad. "Japan Xinhua Chinese Press" reports that it is the most severe warning taken by the Japanese government to U.S. companies in recent years, if Apple did not hand in report in accordance with the requirements of the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry, its products may suffer from force-out of the Government of Japan.

The principle of Asia Pacific of Apple, Ms. Huang said to reporter at morning: "We would taken the Japanese Ministry of Economy for the iPod Nano's letter seriously, and are working closely with them to respond to this concern." But for whether China's iPod Nano existed similar problems and Apple would recall related model, Ms. Huang did not respond to it.Jassen digital shop owners in Beijing which operates Apple products told reporters that he had not yet heard the similar news in China.

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