Toshiba X505-Q880 review


Main Performance

Processor Type Intel Core i7 720QM

Standard memory capacity 6GB

Product positioning of students in this all-around

Time to market in February 2010

Product Type Home

Nominal frequency 1600.000

Intel Core i7 processor family

Kernel architecture Clarksfield

Memory Type DDRIII 1066

3 cache 6MB

The maximum frequency of 2800.000 Rui


Hard disk capacity 500.000

Drive type DVD burners

Hard to describe 7200, SATA; SSD

Design type Built-in CD-ROM

CD-ROM describes support for DVD SuperMulti Double Layer

Graphics / Sound

Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M

High-end discrete graphics card type

Memory 1024MB

Built-in audio chip audio system

Speaker-in stereo speakers

Width 128bit


Screen size 18.400

Screen ratio 16:9

Network Communication

Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n wireless protocols supported

Description 1000Mbps Ethernet NIC card

Mouse / Keyboard

Means to take equipment, touchpad


USB port 3 × USB2.0

ExpressCard expansion interface

Card Reader All-in-1 card reader

Video output VGA, HDMI

Other interfaces RJ45 (network interface), headphone out port, microphone input interface, power supply interface

Power Description

TOSHIBA A100 battery Type Lithium Battery

Life time, depending on the specific use of the environment may be


Operating system, Windows 7 Home Premium

Limitation 1 year warranty machine warranty

Software included with the software random

Random Accessories lithium battery, power adapter, manual

Other features integrated camera


TOSHIBA M40 battery

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Toshiba Tecra A5 battery


AT & T removed the Google search engine from the Android phone


March 3, according to foreign media reports, AT & T's decision to make a surprise move, drawn away the Google search engine from the Android operating system.

It is learned that, as the iPhone, the multi-carrier, the United States ranked second in AT & T Inc. will be on sale March 7 New Android Phone: Motorola Backflip. After purchasing this smart phone, just to spend 99 U.S. dollars, you can enjoy a two-year cell phone service.

At first, this phone is just amazing its attractive appearance and is located behind the touch-screen panel. But in addition, it also has a more amazing place. That is Yahoo replaced Google as the smart phone's default search engine, but the main screen tools, browser and mobile phones all of the programs used Yahoo's product.

As we all know, Android is Google's open-source operating system. Google search and service have been deeply embedded in Android operating system. They are the core phone functions. However, AT & T companies have decided its way to unload a Google search, with Yahoo, instead, rather than Bing. And this phone appear has any Google search tool, can not fail to surprise.

Perhaps, AT & T Inc. on Google "hated." In any case, AT & T's move is no doubt embarrassed in front of Google's face it. Make full use of Google for the worldwide distribution of free operating system, and then turn Google search function to strip from the operating system, this is definitely very courageous move. However, the search engine is only part. There the news, AT & T's sale of other Android phones may also stripped Gmail, Maps and other Google services. The AT & T's own application is likely assigned to these handsets.

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CANON NB-4L Battery



Dell's thinnest and lightest laptop sells at 3799 RMB


The new Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 11z as a recently introduced low-power platform based on the ULV new model Dell inspiron 6000 Battery, which is the most thin and light notebooks Dell's use of 11.6-inch screen, machine weighs 1.385 kilograms.

This model is currently down to 3799 RMB, very affordable. Ling-Yue 11z Dell Inspiron notebook with a black roof Yao Shi, you can also choose other colors of the roof; with True-Life (TM) technology, 11.6-inch HD (1366x768) WLED display, built-in 1.3 million pixel camera; body thickness of of about 23.5 millimeters, the whole weight of approximately 1.38kg, with the more spiritual than 14z, volume shrunk by about 33%, can be described as light thief thin as Dell xps m1530 Battery.

Although small, configuration, or a subtle question. Ling-Yue 11z Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery laptop with Intel Celeron 743 single-core processor, clocked at 1.3G, has a 800MHz FSB, 1M 2 cache, based on the Intel GS45 + ISH9M SFF (Enhanced) motherboard chipset, integrated X4500HD graphics, S with 2GB memory and 250GB hard drive, in order to reduce the weight is no built-in optical drive, preloaded with the Windows (R) 7 Home Basic 64 Digital Home Basic (Simplified Chinese) operating system.

Interface connection, with three USB 2.0, HDMI, headphone, microphone interface and 3-in-1 card reader. Communications, wireless card uses a Dell Wireless 1397 802.11b / g Half Mini Card, built-in Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth module. The 2-year warranty in the post-consumer repair services, remote diagnostics.

Edit Comment: Dell Studio 17 battery Notebook Dell Ling Yue 11z lightest and thinnest ever laptop, also adopted a new CULV platform, performance was very outstanding, very suitable for business buyers. The current price of this model is only 3799 RMB of students, it is quite attractive.

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Opera CEO: the era of the browser bundled with the past


December 17 News, Opera Software today announced that Microsoft's "browser bound case," the dust settles, Microsoft finally to the European Union to compromise. Within Europe, Microsoft will include Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, including product selection to provide a browser screen, allowing consumers to choose to install the preferred browser.

Two years ago, in December 2007, Opera Software has urged the European Commission to investigate Microsoft abused its dominant market position, and its IE browser bundled in the Windows operating system behavior.

The new "Select screen" mode, so users can easily choose to install a browser other than IE, which is often safer, faster and supports higher network standards. So that consumers can be installed at the beginning you can choose the browser, which means that improve the network compatibility and equal access to Web content opens the door.

"This is about the future of the victory of the network. This decision is also a celebration of open Internet standards, because they all share the guiding principle is an essential element of innovation networks," Opera Software Global CEO Mr. Tan Yongwen (Jon S.von Tetzchner) said, "Opera has been a pioneer in advancing the implementation of Web standards, as the standard to ensure that people can be free and equal access to the network, regardless of when and where, regardless of the use of any device access.

In our view, the European Commission the findings of the case will undoubtedly once again proved the right of our mission. "

Opera received complaints since 2007 and until now, serious and persistent investigation, the European Commission finally accepted the proposal to set up Microsoft's browser, choose to install screen commitments. At this point, the survey concluded. The browser option agreement is five years of aging, including the semi-annual assessment of the effectiveness. At present, the optional browser-effective only for users in Europe.

"Some companies bundle of consumer adoption of low-standard products had to use the time has gone," Opera Software's Global Chief Technology Officer HÃ¥kon Wium Lie said, "choose to install the browser screen gives users freedom of choice right, people are free to choose those with more support for Web standards, and better browser. "

EU investigation timetable for Microsoft Monopoly Case

December 17, 2007-Opera filed an antitrust complaint to the European Commission to require Microsoft to provide consumers with the support network a standard browser. A two-year investigation started laptop battery.

January 17, 2009 - The European Commission alleging that Microsoft illegally bundled in the IE browser, Windows operating system.

February 9, 2009 - The European Commission to allow Mozilla Foundation (Firefox browser developers) to join the anti-monopoly case against Microsoft.

February 25, 2009 - Google announced its accession to the European Commission about Microsoft's antitrust complaints against the case.

April 28, 2009 - Microsoft released for the European Commission antitrust investigation of the official statement. Microsoft also promised Windows7 will be more standardized and provides IE off the toggle switch.

June 12, 2009 - Microsoft's commitment to adjust for the browser, rejected by the European Commission. Opera on the evaluation of Microsoft's action is "too little, too late." Opera support the Committee recommended that pre-installed browser, select screen, or to allow OEM manufacturers laptop battery choose to install non-IE browsers.

July 24, 2009 - Microsoft has agreed to install the browser options screen proposal.

October 7, 2009 - Microsoft in the European market began testing a new browser installation options screen.

Today - the completion of the European Commission to investigate the case, consumers in the Windows operating system, using standard browser options.

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Twitter followes the example of Google search ads


According to foreign media reports, sources said, according to Twitter business plan, "Introduction," the company will work with Google advertising platform similar to that ads appear in search results.

Sources said that Google is similar to advertising is closely related with the Twitter search. Therefore, the keywords for the "laptop" (notebook) in the search results may show Dell's advertising. Twitter ads will only appear in search results, which means that users do not use search service will not see advertising; ads will use the Twitter format - no more than 140 characters in length, and by using the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) release of third-party applications. Applications can choose whether to display ads, Twitter will be the application and display ads into advertising revenue; Twitter will initially be co-operation with the advertising agency, but the future will use self-service model.

Insiders pointed out, Twitter's plans are still being worked out, there are many details were not finalized, including the publication time. However, there is talk of the first half of this year, Twitter plans advertising.

Analysts said this will be the Twitter involvement in advertising a relatively simple manner, and does not cause user dissatisfaction, because only the use of Twitter search services, users will see the ads, advertisers can learn a user's interest.

Industry sources also pointed out that Twitter may not be finalized or reveal certain details of advertising services, such as how advertisers to buy ads? Advertising services price? Like Google, adopt-per-click billing model or other billing models; Twitter search service is very popular, but more "rough", Twitter can further improve the search service? Twitter users master the less information is not conducive to improve the accuracy of advertising, how to collect additional user information to improve the accuracy of advertising?

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