Twitter followes the example of Google search ads


According to foreign media reports, sources said, according to Twitter business plan, "Introduction," the company will work with Google advertising platform similar to that ads appear in search results.

Sources said that Google is similar to advertising is closely related with the Twitter search. Therefore, the keywords for the "laptop" (notebook) in the search results may show Dell's advertising. Twitter ads will only appear in search results, which means that users do not use search service will not see advertising; ads will use the Twitter format - no more than 140 characters in length, and by using the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) release of third-party applications. Applications can choose whether to display ads, Twitter will be the application and display ads into advertising revenue; Twitter will initially be co-operation with the advertising agency, but the future will use self-service model.

Insiders pointed out, Twitter's plans are still being worked out, there are many details were not finalized, including the publication time. However, there is talk of the first half of this year, Twitter plans advertising.

Analysts said this will be the Twitter involvement in advertising a relatively simple manner, and does not cause user dissatisfaction, because only the use of Twitter search services, users will see the ads, advertisers can learn a user's interest.

Industry sources also pointed out that Twitter may not be finalized or reveal certain details of advertising services, such as how advertisers to buy ads? Advertising services price? Like Google, adopt-per-click billing model or other billing models; Twitter search service is very popular, but more "rough", Twitter can further improve the search service? Twitter users master the less information is not conducive to improve the accuracy of advertising, how to collect additional user information to improve the accuracy of advertising?

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