AT & T removed the Google search engine from the Android phone


March 3, according to foreign media reports, AT & T's decision to make a surprise move, drawn away the Google search engine from the Android operating system.

It is learned that, as the iPhone, the multi-carrier, the United States ranked second in AT & T Inc. will be on sale March 7 New Android Phone: Motorola Backflip. After purchasing this smart phone, just to spend 99 U.S. dollars, you can enjoy a two-year cell phone service.

At first, this phone is just amazing its attractive appearance and is located behind the touch-screen panel. But in addition, it also has a more amazing place. That is Yahoo replaced Google as the smart phone's default search engine, but the main screen tools, browser and mobile phones all of the programs used Yahoo's product.

As we all know, Android is Google's open-source operating system. Google search and service have been deeply embedded in Android operating system. They are the core phone functions. However, AT & T companies have decided its way to unload a Google search, with Yahoo, instead, rather than Bing. And this phone appear has any Google search tool, can not fail to surprise.

Perhaps, AT & T Inc. on Google "hated." In any case, AT & T's move is no doubt embarrassed in front of Google's face it. Make full use of Google for the worldwide distribution of free operating system, and then turn Google search function to strip from the operating system, this is definitely very courageous move. However, the search engine is only part. There the news, AT & T's sale of other Android phones may also stripped Gmail, Maps and other Google services. The AT & T's own application is likely assigned to these handsets.

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