"Wall Street Journal" Technology Innovation Award

Sept. 27 news, The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award announced, technology Innovation Awards out of 17 different areas of innovation awards. Winners to take a look at it.

Computing System

Washington Lightfleet Corp. The company when connected to a computer processor, the innovative use of the directional beam, rather than copper wire or fiber optics, this won the award in the field.

In large data centers, and even the best performance for the microprocessor, or between the server node will be the connection between the bottleneck and speed are affected. Lightfleet the company's new technology is to eliminate the bottlenecks, specifically, it uses a carry data to all nodes in the directional beam emission device, replacing the traditional management node connected to cable converter. Faster data transfer speeds to deal more effectively with trading operations on Wall Street quickly possible.

Consumer electronics

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (Industrial Technology Research Institute), not only in the area come out on top, is a comprehensive selection of gold medal win. (Award-winning invention is a "soft ultra-thin displays," Click here for details.)


Receivables Exchange LLC in New Orleans public auction of the company for SMEs should provide an online platform for payment instruments, and thus won since 2004, no one is interested in e-commerce for the award.

Small companies do not have the big companies into the financial markets, so in order to obtain short-term working capital is particularly difficult for them. Use of payment instruments should be the practice of borrowing is very common in some industries, namely, accounts receivable factoring. But for the vast majority of SMEs, such transactions may be costly, and often needed for the realization of the transaction for a long time co-ordination arrangements.

Receivables Exchange LLC is to let companies lock in funds in the accounts receivable were to be used more easily. For example, enterprises can put their online platform in the multiple unpaid invoices, the platform selected by the seller to determine the minimum income guarantee and the seller has at least the last two years are in operating condition. Screening can be completed within 24 hours, these invoices can be posted on the site the next day. Buyers can bid on the site posted some or all of the bills receivable, and Web site operators from the commission on transactions between buyers and sellers.

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