HP launches TouchPad-exclusive magazine to promote webOS

The hardware giant is preparing to launch Pivot, a monthly digital pamphlet exclusively on hand on its friendly TouchPad tablet. More readily than running uncorrupted advertorial, the hybrid magazine/app funnel yearn for offer visually-driven skin texture, reviews, columns and other content in black and white by practiced journalists and guest writers.

By the side of at the outset glance, Pivot appears to survive yet an alternative digital lifestyle magazine, but there’s in point of fact a batch additional up for grabs on. HP says Pivot’s meat mission is to present inedible the TouchPad’s capabilities and developer the people, while additionally educating users with reference to the device’s new to the job webOS app mass.

Preaching to the converted through a device-locked pamphlet is an expensive project, but it might survive a crucial evil on behalf of HP. Carry on time the the company scooped up smartphone veteran Palm (and its webOS platform) on behalf of a stocky $1.2 billion. Since followed by, HP has been in performance catch-up while working to integrate the webOS into cell policy like the TouchPad.

At present with the aim of the TouchPad’s announce is imminent, it’s up to projects like Pivot to tell again consumers and developers alike with the aim of webOS is still alive and kicking.

We absence our partners to experience webOS to the same degree the growing platform of opportunity,” thought Richard Kerris, HP’s associate president of webOS developer relations in the sphere of the proclamation. “We’re investing in the sphere of new to the job ways to help marketplace their applications on our platform.”

Of direction, Pivot is not a noble endeavor. Both the unreleased TouchPad and webOS are already well behind powerhouses like Apple’s iPad and iOS in the sphere of sales and marketshare. And while the iOS and machine app food are steadily on the increase digital publishing prowess, webOS is in the sphere of on behalf of an uphill climb — both to the same degree an app platform and to the same degree a viable outlet on behalf of digital publications.

Pivot is slated to batter digital shelves on July 1st alongside the TouchPad.

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Nokia unveils N9 ‘all-screen’ phone

New to the job N9 phone, the long-awaited successor to Nokia’s N8, is conclusively unveiled in the sphere of Singapore – but rebuff sign of new to the job Windows Phone handsets yet
Troubled smartphone giant Nokia has unveiled a range of new to the job handsets plus the company’s new to the job flagship device Acer Aspire One D255 battery, the N9. Featuring an ‘all-screen’ design, the phone replaces a to your house button with a universal ‘swipe’ gesture with the aim of takes users back to the policy chief screen from wherever they are in the sphere of its operating procedure.

Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's advance of Design, thought, “The details with the aim of concoct the Nokia N9 unique - the work design, the all-screen user experience, and the expressive Qt framework on behalf of developers - yearn for evolve in the sphere of opportunity Nokia products."

The company, has not yet, however, demonstrated in the least of the long-awaited Windows Phone handsets with the aim of it says it yearn for announce by the conclusion of the time. Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop thought “Earlier this time, we outlined a thorough strategy to loose change our direction. Innovation is by the side of the sympathy of our strategy, and in our day we took worthy steps to show support a new to the job rate of knots of innovation by the side of Nokia. It's the introduction of a new to the job epoch on behalf of Nokia."

Earlier this month Nokia announced significantly condensed profits and operating margins, which sent its share prices promote down.

The company additionally released reasonable models called the C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06 using Symbian sequence 40. They integrated dual and single-sim options Acer Aspire One D255 battery, which are widespread in the sphere of emerging markets someplace Nokia is still hugely widespread, and both contact screen and keypad options. They are additionally the at the outset Nokia handset to bring forward mapping with Symbian sequence 40, which the company hopes yearn for additionally appeal to customers in the sphere of the on the increase humankind.