Android and iPhone applications a large number of violations of open source software agreement

April 19, according to foreign media reports, OpenLogic open source service provider to a study, and the Android platform in the iOS, 70% of the applications did not comply with open source software license agreement.

OpenLogic said of the Apple laptop battery App Store and Google Android 635 stores in the free and paid applications, of which only 66 code using the Apache license, GPL or LGPL license code. Suppliers found that 71% of the 66 applications, the application of open source software in violation of licensing agreements.

Although subject to review only 66 open source applications, but run like this in the Android, iPhone, and there are many programs on the iPad. Open source development tools vendor Black Duck Software (Black Duck Software) recently studied the beginning of 2010, 3,800 free, open source mobile project, found that 55% is for Android, and 39% for Apple laptop battery's IOS.

OpenLogic, senior vice president of products and marketing Kim Wayans (Kim Weins), said: "Many mobile phones and tablet PCs developers typically may not be fully aware of their use of open source software and how to comply with the open source software agreement." Free Software Foundation (Free Software Foundation) pointed out that application developers need to adhere to open-source license agreement.

Android itself is open-source operating system, use the Apache license and the GPL license the Linux components. But Oracle is suing Google's Android operating system infringes on its patent and copyright Java. Apple laptop battery IOS is proprietary. OpenLogic also said that the two with the LGPL Version 2.1 Android applications, and said, LGPL Version 2.1 operating system, Android may be a major conflict between the license Apache2.0.

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