Huawei Terminal: 10 million smartphone sales targets in 2010

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Xu Xin, vice president of Huawei Terminal spring to accept Sohu IT interview, said that over the next decade, predictable growth in the global network capacity 75 times, while the demand for mobile broadband will grow up to 2000 times, it will form a super digital flood, he stressed that "In the next five years, mobile broadband users will grow 10-fold from the present 300 million an increase of more than 30 million", and "Huawei has been prepared for this , we have found two keys to open the door to move the spring."

In response to Huawei Terminal will be how to develop smart iphone 3GS battery business, he put forward this view, "starting in 2010, Huawei will have a lot of energy focused on the terminal handset level mobile mobile broadband before the arrival of spring, in fact Huawei has been ready, we have found two keys to open the door to move the spring. "

Single Huawei that its network strategy and "Smart Device, Simple World" terminal to meet the mobile broadband strategy will be the spring of two keys. It is noteworthy that, Huawei's chief strategy officer and chairman of Ping Guo Huawei Terminal 2010 Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Conference'2010) keynote speech, also referred to the same point of view.

Xu Xin-Quan said that restrain the development of intelligent terminal point of the main obstacles exist in the "user experience and price," two aspects. Especially in the price, he said, "At present, smart phones are basically even higher than 300-400 U.S. dollars, so a high price is bound to the rapid subscriber growth limiting. Huawei survey found that in 2004, when the phone prices dropped to 175 U.S. dollars, the user growth rate turning point occurred, or prone to avalanche effect, that is, the price dropped below this point, there will be a very fast exponential growth. that we basically can confirm that about 150 U.S. dollars price , which is equivalent to RMB thousand mobile phones, smart phones will bring about the development of fast growth. "

Huawei's terminal according to figures provided by more than 130 countries the world over 470 operators, Huawei terminal customers, "in particular is the world's 50 largest operators, with 48 already are our customers." Accounted for Huawei Terminal Currently the largest ship is still mobile broadband, not mobile phones.

In 2009, Huawei's terminal the total volume of 90 million shipments, of which data card shipped 35 million units, shipments of 30 million units, other types of terminals (such as home gateways, convergence terminals, video terminals, etc. ) shipment volume of about 25 million. Among these, the smart phone shipments only about 1 million.

However, according to Huawei's view, "category iPhone experience" thousand smart phones, mobile broadband will be a future upgrade, one of the most important weapon, based on this thinking, Huawei smartphone sales in 2010 expected from the current 1 million grade, quickly cross to the 10 million.

"We are actually very familiar with mobile broadband in 2004, when the world's 3G networks together, while the operators do not know how to allow users to consume this time of broadband, Huawei find the best business" mobile broadband ", but also Huawei launched the first plug and play USB Modem. "he said," in the mobile card market, we are also one million within a year the market will become a 10 million market, smart phones and a similar piece of business where . "

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Nokia and Motorola smartphone market share decline


In 2009 smart phones is very hot, the market had its major reshuffle, according to the latest market research shows that the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers have three sales and market share decline, although still firmly ahead of Nokia's leading position, but with Motorola, Sony Ericsson are all is a family of market share decline, while the Korea University Samsung and LG are contrarian growth.

Market research consultancy Gartner, today (24) released statistics that the fourth quarter of 2009, global sales of more than 340 million mobile phone terminal units, representing growth of 8.3% a year earlier; the year, compared with 1.2 billion mobile phones sold 1,100 million units higher than in 2008 slightly decreased by 0.9%.

Survey shows strong growth in sales of bps8 smart phones to become the global mobile phone market in 2009 Taiwan's main stays; fourth quarter of 2009, smart mobile terminal sales volume of 5,380 million units, representing a substantial growth of 41.1 percent a year earlier; annual sales volume of 7,240 million units, compared with 100 million more than in 2008 increased 23.8%.

Statistical analysis showed that the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers have three sales and market share decline, are: Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, but Samsung and LG are Korean system was contrarian growth. In 2009, to focus for the development of smart phone manufacturers, such as Apple and RIM, doing well in the global smartphone market share of 14.4%, respectively, and 19.9%; other hand, the top five manufacturer's market share continued to lost to Apple and other manufacturers, the overall market share from 79.7% in 2008 to 2009 to 75.3%.

The survey also shows that in the smart phone operating system market, Nokia's Symbian system, while maintaining the lead, but the market share dropped 5.4 percentage points, iPhone has replaced Microsoft as the world's third-largest operating system Windows.

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Google will acquire social-networking site Aardvark bid 50 million U.S. dollars

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Google said on Sunday it would acquire the company Mechanical Zoo Inc, the company's principal operating social networking sites Aardvark. Aardvark's core services are technical means to analyze a user's question, and then find the most suitable for the person to answer this question, and through instant messaging or email to reply questioner.

This move shows that Google's ambitions for the social networking website market, the market is currently being Facebook, and Twitter monopoly.

This week, Google introduced Google Buzz, of this product will enhance the social functioning among mail service Gmail, go. According to TechCrunch blog cited anonymous data show that the deal price of approximately 50 million U.S. dollars.

Last year in October, GoogleCEO Schmidt announced that Google is currently open the door for the deal is reach a lot of acquisitions, but this business of course, belong to this family business one.

Mechanical Zoo Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, in late 2007 by two former Google employees created. As of last October, Aardvark has a subscriber base of about 90,000 people, the web site for users to find answers to those questions, the answers to those who focus on the individual circumstances of the regular contacts, hobbies and regional as well as some other mysterious features. And the commitment of each issue be resolved within 5 minutes, no more than 10 minutes.

So far, we Google, the search giant how to integrate this technology into their own products are also unclear.

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