50 years border talks between India and China

In the past 50 years, India has been sending more troops to southern Tibet, nearly one-third of the national military force are located in the possession of the South Tibet, Up to 100,000 soldiers keep their eyes open at the northern China.
An Indian Air Force An-32C military transport planes were flying across the Himalayas Mountain into the sky. A few minutes later, the plane lost contact with the base, which was confirmed in the Snow Valley crash, dozens of crew were all killed.
This in the accident occurred two months ago that in the South India region and military troops tend to take frequent exercise. Some military observers believe that the Indian military action in August for the arrival of the Sino-Indian boundary issue a bargaining chip increases the "strategic action." The new submarine will be launched tactical missiles to be assembled to "targeting China."
The border issue has been a century problem between China and India. Will it be settle down in the coming meeting?
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Typhoon has caused 110 people dead in Taiwan

Typhoon Morak in Taiwan has resulted in 110 deaths and affected 11.03 million people, which is the worst disaster in Kaohsiung County, the death toll is continuously raising, there are 4500 people to be settled down, which is the hardest hit.
At the same time, thousands of victims lost contact in Kaohsiung, and all the traffic has been disrupted for days. Morak was in the Yellow Sea on the 11th tropical depression weakened into the sea.

At 10:30 p.m. on August 11, Sanmen County, the town of aquatic Jiantiao Wai was crowded with people, looking extremely anxious. Just a few hours ago, the three vessels "All three fisheries No. 0211" in Ningbo Xiangshan Island fisheries waters sank and all 15 people on board fell into the water, of which 7 people had been rescued near the "three fish Zhejiang No. 0220". The remaining 8 are still missing. The families of the crew is standing in the shipside, desperately waiting for news of their relatives

The Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait "Morak" typhoon of our compatriots was held in Beijing on the 12th donation ceremony in the afternoon, the first batch of a total of 18 member units of the total contributions to 106 million yuan, five million Hong Kong dollars will be transferred to Taiwan soon.
The Typhoon is still destroying Taiwan.

From the pictures it can be seen that the dealth roll has reached 32 and labed "SOS"

The grandpa had to climed the hill for a safe place.
This disaster has destroyed a lot in Taiwan. For the new construction, let us wait and see.


ASUS F3 review

Take a look at the Spec of the Asus F3 series.
Asus is a brand that is becoming increasingly well established in the UK. Like its competitors such as DELL, HP, IBM. It has branched out into areas such as notebooks with great success. This isn't really that surprising as Asus has been an OEM manufacturer for many company's notebooks for many years.
In the past few months I've looked at a couple of other notebooks in the Asus range, such as the Asus W3J and earlier the ultra-portable W5F. The Asus F3JP is a larger affair, but to compensate it's also more powerful, packing Intel's very latest chip, the mobile version of Core 2 Duo. It also features slightly beefier graphics that the W3J with an ATI X1700 rather than X1600 and Asus actually bills it as a gaming notebook. Whether this is true we'll find out.
Asus F3Jm is a further model of the 15.4" multimedia class, a direct competitor of Toshiba A100-979. The laptop is featured with a Core 2 Duo CPU and a Geforce 7600 with 512MB video memory.The Asus F3Jm's design is pleasant - mostly it is blue-gray. The bottom through and the bezel of the keyboard are black. Above the keyboard there is a small chrome molding. At the right side it merges into small, linearly ordered additional keys, which are typical for Asus notebooks.

The notebook is basically of very good workmanship. Furthermore, it seems very robust. Even the region of the hand balls, where the notebook has got its ExpressCard slot, does not allow any torsions and does not creak, if the notebook is picked up.
F3Jm's hinges keep the display relatively firm at its position. Although the folding mechanism seems relatively robust, the plastic cover at the right hinge is somewhat loose. But this should not influence the usability.
This is because the notebook is equipped with a 4800 mAh ASUS A32 F3 battery, which is placed at the back side. There is also a battery of 9 cells and 12 cells available, which can protrude at the back side.
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