Typhoon has caused 110 people dead in Taiwan

Typhoon Morak in Taiwan has resulted in 110 deaths and affected 11.03 million people, which is the worst disaster in Kaohsiung County, the death toll is continuously raising, there are 4500 people to be settled down, which is the hardest hit.
At the same time, thousands of victims lost contact in Kaohsiung, and all the traffic has been disrupted for days. Morak was in the Yellow Sea on the 11th tropical depression weakened into the sea.

At 10:30 p.m. on August 11, Sanmen County, the town of aquatic Jiantiao Wai was crowded with people, looking extremely anxious. Just a few hours ago, the three vessels "All three fisheries No. 0211" in Ningbo Xiangshan Island fisheries waters sank and all 15 people on board fell into the water, of which 7 people had been rescued near the "three fish Zhejiang No. 0220". The remaining 8 are still missing. The families of the crew is standing in the shipside, desperately waiting for news of their relatives

The Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait "Morak" typhoon of our compatriots was held in Beijing on the 12th donation ceremony in the afternoon, the first batch of a total of 18 member units of the total contributions to 106 million yuan, five million Hong Kong dollars will be transferred to Taiwan soon.
The Typhoon is still destroying Taiwan.

From the pictures it can be seen that the dealth roll has reached 32 and labed "SOS"

The grandpa had to climed the hill for a safe place.
This disaster has destroyed a lot in Taiwan. For the new construction, let us wait and see.