YouTube transactions deficit has been for three years

Google news:

Google look forward to a profit in Youtube.

In 2006, Google reach the acquisition of YouTube for USD 1.65 billion, this is the most daring and risky the 21st century, one of the strongest trade, but it is also the first time Google is full of passion and it never ceased to show its ambition – which will reach extends to every corner of the Internet.

From the first date a video uploaded to YouTube, just 18 months after it was Google's acquisition, the deal is Google’s biggest deal in the 21st century, it carried out by a "race" part of the contents that can be designed to have a monopoly and become a large market potential, but at the time the Internet was just beginning a new market.

In the Google acquisition of YouTube a year ago, News Corporation has acquired MySpace, which is an early pioneer of social networking sites. It is reported that News Corp. and Yahoo and Microsoft have also approached the EPR on acquisitions YouTube. In the end, Google acquisition of YouTube has won the most popular video site- this a "competition", but the Google deal brings not only the interests of its original expectations.

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HTC HD2 station will be the first Windows Mobile 7 phones

Windows 7 news:

According to the latest foreign media sources said the long-rumored next-generation mobile devices and Microsoft's operating system, Windows Mobile 7 release schedule is more clarity, the first to have the opportunity to carry Windows Mobile 7 and the system will be HTC's flagship Windows Mobile smart phone HTC HD2.

At the same time there is news that HD2 powered by Windows Mobile 7 will also bring TouchFLO interface, the stage, in the well-known XDA forum, a User found the code-named Manila 2.5.1922 version of the TouchFLO interface, which may be eventually used for Windows Mobile-TouchFLO interface.

The current Windows Mobile 6.5 is Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile smart phone system, compared to the previous generation Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade at the interface significantly, but handling performance has not been much promotion, so the user has been very much looking forward to Windows Mobile 7, now appears that perhaps there will be more forthcoming CES2010 news revealed.

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Google's new mobile phone will be in market next year

Mobile phone news:

Google-made mobile phones appear just in the United States, impatient consumers have been booked the Google mobile phones. Yesterday, the reporters found that some companies have already started to accept the Google-branded phone booking, the price will have to wait until a specific cell phone fixed after arrival.

Motorola and other vendors released Google phone in the past, using the Google operating system. The Google phone is self-published, and is tentatively called the Nexus One. Google has recently made frequent cell phone pictures and performance of online exposure, there is news that Google will, the U.S. Eastern Time at 1:00 p.m. on January 5 (Beijing time at 2:00 on January 6, 2010) held a press conference next year, determine the rumors. The Google Nexus One will be the protagonist of this conference, and even the sales people are concerned about the manner and the retail price will also be published simultaneously.

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Foxconn win get OEM orders for Android phone through the Orange

IT news:

According to industry sources, Foxconn has directly won orders for Android phone from the French telecommunications-operator Orange. Foxconn will use these phones chip from Qualcomm's 3G chipset solution, which is expected to begin shipments in the second quarter of next year.

According to Taiwan media reports, the industry also pointed out that, in addition to Dell, HP, Acer (Acer) and Lenovo and other existing customers, the Foxconn is also the world's major markets to find other mobile operators OEM orders. However, this Foxconn directly coopeation with the telecom operators will not be self-defeating ways of cooperation remains, because there are a number of brand computer manufacturers which have also begun to move into the field of telecommunications.

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Facebook is the most visited U.S. Web site in Christmas

Internet news:

According to foreign media reports, how did you spend Christmas? Internet traffic tracking firm Hitwise said that it knows that you are at least in the holidays some time to visit with the Facebook Web site, so that this kind of social networking sites has become America's most popular sites.

The Facebook CEO of Make Zha Ekberg (MarkZuckerberg) and his company for the first time Google dropped the cost of network traffic to become America's most popular websites. However, this information does not allow people to be surprised. Facebook’s site traffic has increased last Christmas. At that time, Facebook had only 1.4 million users. Now, Facebook the number of users is 350 million.

Thus, even as tens of millions of users modify the privacy regulations for the Facebook (there is no evidence that indicated that it will happen, which are disappointed to leave this site, Facebook will continue to be regularly breaking the record of network traffic.

To be sure that your next Christmas will see the same situation.

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Google Nexus One is stronger than the iPhone and the Droid

IT news:

December 29, according to foreign media reports, testers said that the upcoming release of Google NexusOne is stronger than the Apple iPhone mobile phones and Motorola Droid.

The testers said the iPhone, compared with the Droid and, Nexus One volume is thinner and run faster, almost be better than Droid in any way.

Page loaded in NexusOne faster than the iPhone and Droid. The test officer said: "If you want to buy Android phones, why not Google NexusOne "

Various sources indicated that Google will launch the phone in January next year. The phone thickness of 11.5 mm, using Android2.1 system, equipped with a 3.7-inch WVGA display and 5 million pixel camera.

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AMD is expected to release three-core notebook platform in May next year

Digital News:

Intel launched a new Pine Trail platform, AMD will not fall behind and release the platform called "Danube" (Danube), as opposed to the use of Pine Trail is for Netbook, while the Danube is to mainstream notebook platform.

More noteworthy place in the AMD in the mobile platform, there will be three-core CPU, but also the Black Box (Black Edition, no locks multiplier any case, ASUS has Turbo33 a), but in order to save power and volume, they are removed in the L3 memory. Northbridge is still using the previous generation Tigris platform M880G (or RS880M), if the non-independent graphics version of the GPU is a ATi Radeon 4200, while the South Bridge is used SB820M.

Can be summed up from the table, X at the beginning of the TDP is 45W, N is 35W, while the P is 25W, and are based on 45nm process, which is expected to market in May 2010.

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six best smart phones In 2009

IT news:

Apple iPhone 3GS ranks first in the six best smart phones in 2009

According to foreign media report today, the U.S. market research firm Gartner said that the smart phone mobile phone market this year, the fastest growing areas of the sales in the third quarter from the fourth quarter of 2008 are more than 318 million to grow to 411 million.

Nokia and its Symbian OS mobile phones with the dominance of a gradual decline, the smart phone competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Nokia's market share in the third quarter of this year has been the fourth quarter of last year fell 47% to 39%. At the same time, RIM BlackBerry mobile phone market share reached 20%, while the learned that Apple's iPhone (mobile Internet) from 11% of the share increased to 17%.

However, the smart phone market this year, the situation is not tripod. RIM, Apple, Google, Motorola and Palm's smart phone shipments suffered from a significant growth, the market there is still significant room for growth. Here are this year's six best-selling smart phones.

1, Apple iPhone
3, GS
2, Motorola Droid
3, HTC's MyTouch 3G
4, Palm Pre
5, BlackBerry Storm 2
6, Nokia N97

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Apple Tablet PC buys iSlate.com

IT news:

If selecting Top Ten IT rumors in 2009, Apple must be considered as a big one. Although the news spread from the beginning to the end, but we like what this product is clearly understanding of, and even it is called we do not know anything.

before the rumors in this flat plane called it iPad, but a recent excavation network of people have discovered that Apple had purchased one in 2007 which called iSlate.com. Slate intent of slate, stone are also used to write notes on behalf of the European ancient ston.e Is it that Apple's prepared for flat-panel machine name?

iSlate.com was initially registered in October 2004 by Eurobox company registration, in 2006 changed hands to Data Docket corporations. In 2007, the domain name has been sold to a domain name management company MarkMonitor.com. The company is usually agent acquisitions of major companies, manage domain name and does not disclose the truth behind the buyer's name. However, domain name registration records can be found, iSlate.com was indeed purchased by Apple.

From the "Slate", look at the meaning of the term, even though Apple's flat-panel machine iSlate is not the final name, at least Apple has already been considered one of the options. The final outcome, perhaps by the end of January next year, will be revealed.

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