Facebook is the most visited U.S. Web site in Christmas

Internet news:

According to foreign media reports, how did you spend Christmas? Internet traffic tracking firm Hitwise said that it knows that you are at least in the holidays some time to visit with the Facebook Web site, so that this kind of social networking sites has become America's most popular sites.

The Facebook CEO of Make Zha Ekberg (MarkZuckerberg) and his company for the first time Google dropped the cost of network traffic to become America's most popular websites. However, this information does not allow people to be surprised. Facebook’s site traffic has increased last Christmas. At that time, Facebook had only 1.4 million users. Now, Facebook the number of users is 350 million.

Thus, even as tens of millions of users modify the privacy regulations for the Facebook (there is no evidence that indicated that it will happen, which are disappointed to leave this site, Facebook will continue to be regularly breaking the record of network traffic.

To be sure that your next Christmas will see the same situation.

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