AMD is expected to release three-core notebook platform in May next year

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Intel launched a new Pine Trail platform, AMD will not fall behind and release the platform called "Danube" (Danube), as opposed to the use of Pine Trail is for Netbook, while the Danube is to mainstream notebook platform.

More noteworthy place in the AMD in the mobile platform, there will be three-core CPU, but also the Black Box (Black Edition, no locks multiplier any case, ASUS has Turbo33 a), but in order to save power and volume, they are removed in the L3 memory. Northbridge is still using the previous generation Tigris platform M880G (or RS880M), if the non-independent graphics version of the GPU is a ATi Radeon 4200, while the South Bridge is used SB820M.

Can be summed up from the table, X at the beginning of the TDP is 45W, N is 35W, while the P is 25W, and are based on 45nm process, which is expected to market in May 2010.

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