six best smart phones In 2009

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Apple iPhone 3GS ranks first in the six best smart phones in 2009

According to foreign media report today, the U.S. market research firm Gartner said that the smart phone mobile phone market this year, the fastest growing areas of the sales in the third quarter from the fourth quarter of 2008 are more than 318 million to grow to 411 million.

Nokia and its Symbian OS mobile phones with the dominance of a gradual decline, the smart phone competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Nokia's market share in the third quarter of this year has been the fourth quarter of last year fell 47% to 39%. At the same time, RIM BlackBerry mobile phone market share reached 20%, while the learned that Apple's iPhone (mobile Internet) from 11% of the share increased to 17%.

However, the smart phone market this year, the situation is not tripod. RIM, Apple, Google, Motorola and Palm's smart phone shipments suffered from a significant growth, the market there is still significant room for growth. Here are this year's six best-selling smart phones.

1, Apple iPhone
3, GS
2, Motorola Droid
3, HTC's MyTouch 3G
4, Palm Pre
5, BlackBerry Storm 2
6, Nokia N97

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