Consensus of the world's three major newspapers: Site fee is the only way to survive


The world's three most influential newspapers to reach a consensus to charge online readers is the only way to survive. But in this week's Reuters Global Media Summit, "New York Times," "The Times" and "Financial Times" There is no fee system to be adopted to reach a consensus.

"The Times" test themselves with mixed results. News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Carey said: "We created a very valuable and important, and we have to try to ensure a fair reward from."

Carey and other top officials at the Reuters Summit this week's speech, is trying to calibrate the number of fees and Dell GK479 battery products, to avoid alienating advertisers; while expressing their concern readers and the newspaper used to free Internet access to consumers will rapidly reduce .

News Corp also has a "Wall Street Journal", the newspaper is the online subscription business over the past decade, the healthy development of one of the few newspapers.

But the group to change the "Times" Reader's strategy was not successful. June of this year, the Group of "The Times" web site on the payment page after the content, readers can pay £ 1 per day (about 2.05 dollars), or pay £ 2 a week into the site to read, resulting in reduced reader almost 90%.

"New York Times" will be published early next year, the specific charges in the program, it will be to convince readers to change the original deep-rooted habit of reading online for free, so willing to pay for the final effort.

"The New York Times" in 2007 had tried to read the network column of readers charged, but for some reason the plan was later shelved.

The paper will take a different approach, the reader only from the "New York Times" Web site to read a certain amount of free content before TECHNOLOGY in Dell FK890 battery and Dell KG479 battery.

"Financial Times" since 2007 began to take metering and charging solution to allow the reader to read a certain number of free monthly payment after the article.

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