Kindle will eventually rule the world


Barnes & Noble hematemesis big promotion this week, their Nook eBook reader all the way from 259 U.S. dollars to 199 dollars, but also introduced a cost just 149 U.S. dollars of the Wi-Fi model. Amazon have said a lot of pressure, so will their entry-level Kindle dropped from 259 U.S. dollars 189 U.S. dollars. As soon as he grips on both sides, many observers on the excitement up - e-book price bayonet fighting to begin.

Kindle stead for this price war is already a rush for the things we take for granted Acer UM09E31 battery, and others will start thinking about the fate of the Amazon. It's e-book business has been high expectations, Amazon hopes the business associated with it in years to bring one billion U.S. dollars of profit. To me, a little attention to the Amazon if details of the problem, then there is nothing to worry about (not of course give them to publishers more into). In any case, the following three reasons, sufficient to show that online shopping giant can and will win this e-book battle.

A cross-platform reading

When I get the Apple iPad, immediately put Kindle throw socks drawer mounted shelf. After time, I mean every three to five days it would take 10 dollars to buy books from Amazon's Web site, and then iPad's Kindle Reader software to be read. In fact, iPad on bypassing the Kindle reading experience just a few blocks, I often rely on the recent holding iPad reading in bed, this is unprecedented.

However, compared with the Kindle bookstore, I just pushing the iBooks from Apple's bookstore to buy the three books, and then never have been to this place. Little book here, but more importantly, buy the book from the iBooks can only read in the iPad (Translator: Apple Powerbook G3 battery has introduced iPhone version of the iBook, and the iPad the stacks synchronization). Kindle bookstore from buying the book, the Android phone can also be read, the iPad, iPhone or Mac can also be ... ... Oh yeah, I used to be thrown in a drawer in the Kindle e-book can be read.

This is the Amazon a huge advantage. Many people have more than one digital device for cross-platform characteristics of these users has become a top priority. Unlike the Amazon Kindle bookstore, iBooks can only play a limited equipment - for me, it can not. I like the Kindle software flexibility, although it to the book, I recommend the second way is so. Amazon Kindle should be a broad platform to consider, rather than confined to a small laptop batteries.

2 on the user's influence

Many people long accustomed to buying books on Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble such as the traditional publishing giants, have not got them, the great influence of online transfer to the Internet up. Amazon customers have taken the lead by the payment information and purchase history from the analysis of the preference information obtained - it is fully capable to customer's taste, it’s the most recommended book on the appetite. Although Amazon is still far from satisfactory in this regard, but at least more than Barnes & Noble with a cup like much better.

But tell the gossip, I do hope that Amazon is serious about improving their user experience. For example, I recently purchased the John Cheever's short story collection, but the cups, I found my Kindle in the book already has an electronic version of Amazon but can not prompt. Also some books that I long ago - such as 10 years ago - has been bought, and in this book, I was under the orders of the time, if also a corresponding prompt, then perfect.

I said do not be a bit radical. User data mining is a new industry, the Amazon, but sitting on valuable data for 15 years, ah, this is certainly one of their great advantage.

3 software will always be benevolent

Every time I see such as Barnes & Noble, huh hi-tech companies, will always find it very funny - they just do not have the gene. Barnes & Noble is selling books first, and everything else is just a minor. Even more funny is that this company actually would think that they can win the war by selling hardware. If this idea is correct, then Samsung, Nokia, the handset vendors are Google and Apple beat the crap out of, how to explain?

Mobile industry is bloody reason is that Google and Apple to industry standards from hardware manufacturers to upgrade to the software development. True, the new feature is cool, but more important is the ability to quickly update the software, so as to keep their platform improvements - the traditional handset manufacturers such as Nokia, who is to die in this was.

Barnes & Noble or other electronic equipment, competitors will find themselves caught in the same situation. In my opinion, Amazon's third technical advantage is that it is essentially a software company - and is still selling books and many other things, but also rely on "cloud computing" and fast developing.

Amazon can actually put all its energies are focused on the future of software R & D to create a pan-platform, with the best experience of e-book purchase / reading software. It seems to me entirely Kaopu investment like Asus A32-F3 battery. Apple Powerbook G3 battery is because of the perfect user experience, can in its field Shuiyibuer - Amazon can do the same thing.

Kindle then how should we do - and I mean that piece of equipment?

If Amazon wants to make this equipment continue to exist, then it must be a very second e-book reader into a content consumption terminal, as has been done as iPad. If not, then it seems to Nook, as it is now able to announce the day of his death has had.

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