iPhone had aspirations to the French market in 2009

IT news:

According to French media reports, the 2009 apple iphone smartphone sales in the French market may be beyond the top of the charts over the years, which has been in a position of Samsung mobile phones.

France Telecom CEO Didier Lombardo 6 revealed that the France's largest mobile phone operator Orange Czech Republic in 2009, sold a total of 1.1 million phones Apple iphone. In particular, in the last quarter of its iphone, mobile phone sales reached 40 million units. During Christmas, iphone mobile phone handsets sold in the Czech Republic Orange in proportion to 77%.

It is reported that another French mobile phone operator The mobile phone sales reached about 200 million units. The other two mobile operator SFR, and Bouygues Telecom was not disclosed specific sales figures, but they frankly sold iphone mobile phones last year's best-selling mobile phone.

Samsung mobile phones has been occupied France since 2004, sales of mobile phones topped the list, while Nokia has always been to follow later. But in 2009, due to Apple's hot phone, Samsung mobile phone market share trend showing a decline, as of the end of September 2009, its market share had fallen to 28.8%.

Analysts here believe that Apple's mobile phone in France, mainly because by binding Hot monthly service, greatly reduced the iphone sale price. On Christmas Eve in 2009, the memory of 16G of iphone3G handset and monthly service binding only after the price of 59 euros, 8G memory of the iphone 3G phone, the price is down to 19 euros.

According to France's "Tribune" , it was reported that the face of powerful challenges Apple's mobile phone, Samsung has introduced a new smart phone as the company's strategic focus, and in 2010 sold 2 million Samsung mobile phones.

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Video site Hulu will launch iPhone client a few months later, or on-line

Internet news:

According to foreign media reports, the Silicon Valley industry relaeased the news in the United States budding video site Hulu is developing iPhone client, is expected to launch in a few months.

As we all know that Apple's iPhone in the interface look like in the integrated Google's video site YouTube, but at the moment, Hulu's copyright is clearly attractive to television more than YouTube, iPhone users are very eager to watch popular TV shows via cell phone.

According to sources, iPhone has been the development of client-side drawing to a close, you can support the iPhone through the 3G network or Wi-Fi, enjoy all of Hulu video.

Clearly, in the video streaming service, Hulu has become a latecomer, before the CBS's TV.com, Joost, as well as the Sling Player have been released iPhone client. However, the U.S. media pointed out that, in view behind the Massive Hulu copyrighted video content, their client will also be favorable for iPhone users.

As we all know that Apple's iTunes system is also provided through the television sales. Industry analysts pointed out that Hulu launching of the client is bound to be on Apple's iTunes video business threat, but Apple will take some containment measures, even in disguise to block the client software, which is still unknown.

In addition, Hulu into the iPhone for AT & T and other carriers is obviously a good news, which means that the user's data services will greatly increase consumption.
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Google Nexus one mobile phone contract price of 179 U.S. dollars

IT news:

January 6, under the common concern in the world today, Google headquarters in Mountain View, California Android conference, officially launched its own branded mobile phone Nexus one. Mario Queiroz, vice president of Google said, Nexus one is to release Android phones into a new height, it would be called "super-phone" is not an exaggeration.

Nexus One is currently the only mobile phone using Android 2.1. The mobile phones, beginning with high configuration to attract the eye of countless users, the official release of Nexus One uses a high-pass SnapDragon 1GHz processor, 512MB of ROM and RAM, equipped with a 3.7-inch 800 * 480 pixel AMOLED LCD screen and 500 megapixel autofocus camera. Other areas, such as GPS, electronic compass, multi-point touch, gravity sensing and other functions which can be found in the Nexus One.

Nexus One is using Android 2.1 system in addition to Droid second paragraph after the mobile phone. Android 2.1 can be said that Android system, a major innovation, the new system not only added some new software applications, but also supports dynamic wallpaper (different in general gif animated wallpaper, wallpaper can be a new dynamic real-time human-computer interaction). In addition, Google further improve the application of the App Store, where any developer can publish their own widgets.

Currently, Google has launched Nexus One purchase online website www.google.com / phone, but do not support the Chinese mainland to buy. It is learned that Google mobile phone online sales site in the future will be invited to more operators and equipment manufacturers to join, users will be able to purchase the system to a variety of brands of mobile devices based on Android, which Google can also be seen as an area involved in e-commerce test the water.

According to Google given price point of view, for the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and other global markets, did not unlock the version of the Nexus one sells for 529 U.S. dollars, and the choice to bind two-year T-Mobile services, Nexus one price of only 179 U.S. dollars, but the contract only version sold in the United States. The first quarter of this year, Verizon will launch a version of Nexus one, while the Vodafone version will be shortly thereafter.

It is noteworthy that this conference, Google also announced the 13 OHA (Open Handset Alliance) new members, including China Telecom, impressively, this seems to be future operations in China, China Telecom Nexus one has brought the possibility .

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Facebook’s plan in 2010

Internet news:

Social-networking site: Facebook will continue to be an incredible pace. In 2009, Facebook reached 350 million users, and each day it increase 66 million new users , which will continue. If Facebook users to maintain such a growth rate in July 2010, the number of its users will reach 500 million.

Facebook founder from a university student became a billionaire, but this is only the surface of the wealth. Facebook executives say the company will be starting this year to achieve a profit through advertising sales, Facebook also plans to achieve the company's value through the listing.

Despite the development of Facebook looks smooth and continuously break the Internet record, but it also faces some problems. Became a source of innovation and application platform has become the burden of some users. Facebook need to find a quick solution to cope with Facebook spam. Because in such an open Facebook platform, anyone can contact with other users, issue the invitation to participate in some activities.

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Windows family of operating systems share slipped to 0.3%

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, a market research company Net Applications said last Saturday that despite the market share of Windows 7 second consecutive month, a substantial increase in December 2009 the market share of the Windows family of operating systems are still down 0.3 percentage points to 92.2%. 2009 Windows family of operating systems market share decline in the past 8 months.

Mac and Linux desktop operating system market share has remained unchanged, including Google's Android and Apple's iPhone OS, including Windows Mobile operating system, has eroded the market share. Internet access in all hardware products, the use of mobile phone operating system accounted for 1.3%.

And in 2008 similar to Windows market share in the second half of 2009 it fell again and accelerated in the first half fell 0.5 percent, down 1.2 percentage points in the second half. But this does not mean that Windows operating system will soon lose its market dominance.

December Windows XP's market share slipped 1.3 percentage points and in November fell 1.4 percentage points; Vista's market share slipped 0.7 percentage points to 17.9%. Since the Windows has been released, Windows family of operating systems market share decline mainly from Windows XP, in the past two months, Windows XP market share fell 2.7 percentage points, Vista just down 1 percentage point .

December Windows 7 market share increase of 1.7 percentage points to 5.7%. Net Applications said that if they can keep up the past 2 months of growth trends, in January 2010 market share of Windows 7 will be over 7%.

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It is said that Google phone Nexus One will be sale when released

Google news:

BGR site from the U.S. news show, Google Inc. Nexus One mobile phone may be released on January 5 at the same time it will open up online sales, while a separate unlocked version will be launched to support the U.S. operator AT & T Inc. 3G network.

We have previously reported that Nexus One phone from T-Mobile provides 3G network services, AT & T network users can only use EDGE for Internet access. The latest news is that Google will be the sale of "second" version of Nexus One unlock the phone, so AT & T network users can get 3G Internet access service.

Furthermore, it was asked to call T-Mobile's Google phone sales time, the company said that they will be Google's January 5th week after the official sale began selling signed version of Nexus One cell phone. This means that Google's January 5 this concern would not only release the Android phones, will also open the unlocked version of Nexus One phone online sales.

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