Video site Hulu will launch iPhone client a few months later, or on-line

Internet news:

According to foreign media reports, the Silicon Valley industry relaeased the news in the United States budding video site Hulu is developing iPhone client, is expected to launch in a few months.

As we all know that Apple's iPhone in the interface look like in the integrated Google's video site YouTube, but at the moment, Hulu's copyright is clearly attractive to television more than YouTube, iPhone users are very eager to watch popular TV shows via cell phone.

According to sources, iPhone has been the development of client-side drawing to a close, you can support the iPhone through the 3G network or Wi-Fi, enjoy all of Hulu video.

Clearly, in the video streaming service, Hulu has become a latecomer, before the CBS's TV.com, Joost, as well as the Sling Player have been released iPhone client. However, the U.S. media pointed out that, in view behind the Massive Hulu copyrighted video content, their client will also be favorable for iPhone users.

As we all know that Apple's iTunes system is also provided through the television sales. Industry analysts pointed out that Hulu launching of the client is bound to be on Apple's iTunes video business threat, but Apple will take some containment measures, even in disguise to block the client software, which is still unknown.

In addition, Hulu into the iPhone for AT & T and other carriers is obviously a good news, which means that the user's data services will greatly increase consumption.
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