Google Nexus one mobile phone contract price of 179 U.S. dollars

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January 6, under the common concern in the world today, Google headquarters in Mountain View, California Android conference, officially launched its own branded mobile phone Nexus one. Mario Queiroz, vice president of Google said, Nexus one is to release Android phones into a new height, it would be called "super-phone" is not an exaggeration.

Nexus One is currently the only mobile phone using Android 2.1. The mobile phones, beginning with high configuration to attract the eye of countless users, the official release of Nexus One uses a high-pass SnapDragon 1GHz processor, 512MB of ROM and RAM, equipped with a 3.7-inch 800 * 480 pixel AMOLED LCD screen and 500 megapixel autofocus camera. Other areas, such as GPS, electronic compass, multi-point touch, gravity sensing and other functions which can be found in the Nexus One.

Nexus One is using Android 2.1 system in addition to Droid second paragraph after the mobile phone. Android 2.1 can be said that Android system, a major innovation, the new system not only added some new software applications, but also supports dynamic wallpaper (different in general gif animated wallpaper, wallpaper can be a new dynamic real-time human-computer interaction). In addition, Google further improve the application of the App Store, where any developer can publish their own widgets.

Currently, Google has launched Nexus One purchase online website www.google.com / phone, but do not support the Chinese mainland to buy. It is learned that Google mobile phone online sales site in the future will be invited to more operators and equipment manufacturers to join, users will be able to purchase the system to a variety of brands of mobile devices based on Android, which Google can also be seen as an area involved in e-commerce test the water.

According to Google given price point of view, for the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and other global markets, did not unlock the version of the Nexus one sells for 529 U.S. dollars, and the choice to bind two-year T-Mobile services, Nexus one price of only 179 U.S. dollars, but the contract only version sold in the United States. The first quarter of this year, Verizon will launch a version of Nexus one, while the Vodafone version will be shortly thereafter.

It is noteworthy that this conference, Google also announced the 13 OHA (Open Handset Alliance) new members, including China Telecom, impressively, this seems to be future operations in China, China Telecom Nexus one has brought the possibility .

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