Windows family of operating systems share slipped to 0.3%

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, a market research company Net Applications said last Saturday that despite the market share of Windows 7 second consecutive month, a substantial increase in December 2009 the market share of the Windows family of operating systems are still down 0.3 percentage points to 92.2%. 2009 Windows family of operating systems market share decline in the past 8 months.

Mac and Linux desktop operating system market share has remained unchanged, including Google's Android and Apple's iPhone OS, including Windows Mobile operating system, has eroded the market share. Internet access in all hardware products, the use of mobile phone operating system accounted for 1.3%.

And in 2008 similar to Windows market share in the second half of 2009 it fell again and accelerated in the first half fell 0.5 percent, down 1.2 percentage points in the second half. But this does not mean that Windows operating system will soon lose its market dominance.

December Windows XP's market share slipped 1.3 percentage points and in November fell 1.4 percentage points; Vista's market share slipped 0.7 percentage points to 17.9%. Since the Windows has been released, Windows family of operating systems market share decline mainly from Windows XP, in the past two months, Windows XP market share fell 2.7 percentage points, Vista just down 1 percentage point .

December Windows 7 market share increase of 1.7 percentage points to 5.7%. Net Applications said that if they can keep up the past 2 months of growth trends, in January 2010 market share of Windows 7 will be over 7%.

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