Michael Jackson lives in our heart forever

Michael Jackson's eldest daughter touched the hearts of millions all over the world when she bid a tearful farewell to her father at his memorial service on Tuesday in a rare public appearance and performance.
In a city fabled for its televised car chases, bejeweled Oscar shows and boisterous Lakers parades, residents and visitors alike have grown accustomed to spectacle, planned and spontaneous.
The lucky 17,500 fans of Michael Jackson who had won, begged or bought tickets entered Staples Center sober about Jackson's death, but also thrilled to have secured a wonderful performance of some of the world's most famous pop artists, singing and dancing.
Indeed, the police of LA said there would be no disturbances, which made the citizen relax in the ceremony of Michal Jackson.
Those fans that did get into Staples Center in LA seemed awed by their proximity to the superstar Jacksons and other celebrities.
Michael Jackson, God with you! Your hot music live in the hearts of the beings.
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L.A. fans: braces for massive Michael Jackson memorial

LOS ANGELES, California –lots of music fans of superstar Michael Jackson had poured in to Los Angeles from places far away, many and many of Michael Jackson muisc fans hoping to collectively mourn their idol in a massive and elegant ceremony at the Staples Center downtown on Tuesday. They felt it undoubted the historical and unforgettable event in the entertainment in the beings.
The Police in LA put up concrete barriers around the center, only allowing fans with tickets to enter the star-studded event to enter –which begins at 6 a.m and ensuring that it was safe during the ceremony.
The Parking lots near the ceremony area grasped this chance to raise their prices, whose price has been unbelievably raised as high as $30. What is more! several movie theaters in the area announced special screenings of the event, carried live by some television networks, radio, Web sites and so on.
Not only in the LA, the fans of Michael Jackson all over the world have focused their most energy on these ceremony through the internet, television, Radio, alive chatting tools, and so on.
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President Obama flied to Moscow for nuclear affairs

US President Barack Obama has arrived in Moscow to talk with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, who is focusing on further reducing nuclear stockpiles all over the world.
Officials in Russia and USA were both quoted as saying a document had been agreed, but Russia said it was not final.
Both men say they want deep cuts to their current levels of 6,000 nuclear warheads each.
In addition, Russia has been pressing President Obama to scrap a US plan for a missile defence shield in Europe.
Nonetheless, the correspondents in the located say Mr Obama could expect a smoother reception than he received on a 2005 visit to Russia when he and other visiting US Congressmen were detained for three hours at an airport in the Urals city of Perm.
Wish these nuclear talks could bring peace to the world instead of military competition.
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