Facebook IPO billions of dollars when the market value of the super

Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) walk around Beijing had just returned to the United States, Facebook has to play out of the new tricks.

January 4, U.S. time, Facebook and Russia from the Goldman Sachs investment firm obtained DST 5 billion investment, the valuation of up to 500 billion U.S. dollars. Among them, the Goldman Sachs investment 450 million U.S. dollars, DST invest 50 million U.S. dollars. Goldman Sachs also the richest in the number of customers to its sales worth 10 billion dollars in common stock.

Xie Wen analysts think that the Internet equivalent of 1.5 billion financing. "This might be Facebook's last round of financing prior to listing HP Pavilion DV1000 battery and HP Pavilion dv6000 battery." Xie Wen that, Facebook is listed in this round of investors will not wait too long, "either this year or next year."

Valuation of $ 50,000,000,000, Facebook created a publicly traded Internet company's valuation before the record, which lead to global wonder. Xie Wen Facebook500 billion valuation is not that high, "the future can be sold for a higher price is not high, a conservative estimate, Facebook will exceed the market value of listed billions of dollars. Goldman Sachs is a shrewd investor."

Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the odd tiger regrets "China is not Facebook", and "old tune" to that, because China does not have Facebook, large companies monopolize the network resources HP Pavilion dv9000 battery, squeezing the survival of small companies.

In fact, Facebook fortune in almost the same time, China is also the Internet in 2004 set off a wave of web2.0, social networking sites like focus emerged. But six years later, the United States was born astronomical Facebook, and China can not yet hold a candle to the followers.

In this regard, Xie Wen said China Internet companies used to copy, less innovation, "not the world."

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Hard-screen LCD IPS Review

LCD screen, as listed earlier, IPS has a hard screen in the performance of impressive performance, especially with the needs of the majority of users of the continuous improvement of quality shows, IPS screen is a hard sought after by Sony VGP-BPS22 users. IPS order to let everyone have a more hard-screen detailed and thorough understanding of the author specifically for today's hard-IPS panel conducted a comprehensive analysis in the hope through the introduction, the choice for you in the future to provide some laptop battery help.

As we all know, IPS hard-screen LCD TV is a technology leader in the more, because the arrangement of molecules in different ways, so the LCD screen a simple screen can be divided into hard and soft screen two. Compared with the soft screen, IPS hard screen more solid molecular structure, so stability is much stronger than the soft screen. In addition, IPS screen, there are many hard-soft screen can not match advantage, here we have the majority of users in detail about IPS screen hard to see how hard screen IPS there are advantages in those areas at all.

Faster response time: As the molecules are arranged between the different structures, so hard-IPS screen faster response time, which greatly improved the prevalence of smear LCD TV to ensure that the dynamic picture of the overall fluency.

Better energy efficiency: due to changes in the molecular arrangement of the original structure, IPS hard translucent screen LCD TV panels than the average lot stronger, by increasing the aperture ratio of LCD panels can effectively reduce light leakage situation, so you can play good Energy saving effect Sony VGP-BPS22.

Wider viewing angle: IPS hardware screen horizontal and vertical angles can be raised to 178 degrees, the user regardless of the angle from which to watch television programs without any noticeable distortion, the improvement of this technology makes LCD TVs can be further strengthened Compete with plasma TVs.

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