Android smartphone sales is more than iPhone for the first time

May 11, "Business Week" article pointed out that in the first quarter, based on Google Android software product sales exceeded the sales of iPhone, Verizon Wireless smart phone market has thus become a big seller.

In downtown Portland, Oregon, the most popular shopping areas of retail store front, with huge black letters on the bottom reads "Droid Does".

According to market research firm NPD Group in the May 10 release of a study reported Verizon Wireless in the planning operators under the guidance of retail stores around the Droid on Motorola phones to start a large number of active promotion Dell Inspiron 1427 battery, coupled with lightning-mail services , the press and television advertising promoting the first quarter, Google Android-based smartphone operating system product sales for the first time over Apple's iPhone sales.

NPD Group said in a report, based Android mobile phone operating system, smart phone sales in the U.S. share of total sales volume reached 28%, more than Apple iPhone's share of that is 21%. Lead the smart phone market is still the RIM BlackBerry, its market share of 36%.

Beyond Apple to Android and Google's open-source software federation leadership is a significant milestone. NPD Group's report also noted that sales of smart phones with the Android rapid growth, Verizon Wireless are rapidly becoming the fast-growing smart phone market, a major supplier Dell Inspiron 1425 battery. In the first quarter, Verizon's customers to purchase the number of smart phone smart mobile phone sales accounted for U.S. 30%, almost catching up with AT & T smart phone sales over the same period. AT & T is the exclusive iPhone partner in the United States, which in the first quarter smartphone sales accounted for U.S. smart phone sales, 32% of the total. In addition to Apple's iPhone in addition, AT & T is also a distributor of Motorola's Android phone, while Dell's sales agency also intends upcoming Android smartphone.

Until recently, Verizon in the smart phone market continues to lag behind competitors. It represents the BlackBerry, but not in the field of consumer smart phones to contend with the iPhone. Industry analysts expect Verizon to iPhone and Apple entered into consignment agreements. Last year in December, Verizon claims that it has conducted a network upgrade, iPhone, if Apple decided to increase the number of authorized dealers Dell Studio 1435 battery; it can already handle the increased network traffic.

Since the launch in November last year, the Droid Android-based phones, Verizon in the smart phone market conditions began to improve. The help of the Droid, Verizon began to catch up with rivals. In the past few months, Verizon Wireless has proved that if it can get iPhone distribution rights, it must meet the needs of users. Investment Company Morgan Keegan Co.'s Analyst Tavis McCourt for Apple stock "Outperform" rating Laptop battery.

Android mobile phone sales growth can also stimulate the developers for the Android platform to develop more applications. NPD Group, executive director of industry analysis Ross Rubin said: "The market share is to determine what operating system developers want to support one of the important factors." As of April 15, Android Market applications mall in the total number of 38,000 applications months, including games, calendar and e-books. NPD Group says Apple's App Store Shopping Mall is now in the total number of applications has more than 200,000.

Smart phone market is surging. Apple is expected to launch this summer a new version of the iPhone. Hewlett-Packard announced it would buy 1.2 billion Palm on April 28. Microsoft is expected to be released later this year a new smart phone operating system, Windows Phone 7. Rubin said NPD analyst, consumers may not be released because of Apple's new iPhone and stop buying iPhone. He said: "We do not see consumers to defer purchase plans."

In the third quarter of 2009, Android phones in the U.S. smartphone market share is only 3%. According to NPD Group, said the first quarter of this year, Android phone from Apple laptop batteries, RIM, Microsoft and Palm hand took a different number of shares. From the perspective of product sales, RIM BlackBerry in the U.S. smartphone market share in the fourth quarter of last year, based on 37% down slightly. Microsoft Windows market share in the fourth quarter from 13% to 10% of the first quarter.

Verizon distributed Droid Android smart phone, including Motorola and Devour, HTC's Droid Incredible. Verizon's chief financial officer John Killian held in the April 22 first quarter investor conference, said: "There is no doubt that Apple's iPhone has achieved great success, but we also did well."

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