Twitter co-founder: it will launch a Chinese version by the end of this year

Twitter news:

April 16 morning news, Twitter co-founder than hereby • Stone (Biz Stone) in the first "Chirp" Developers Conference (hereinafter referred to as "Chirp") technology said on Sina, Twitter will be launched more than languages at the end of this year, including Chinese, Malaysian version and so on.

Chirp 2010 Twitter first time the General Assembly in San Francisco on April 14 opening, the total of the two-day conference, the first day of the Conference Day, including Twitter CEO Evan • Williams (Evan Williams) and co-founder of more than hereby • Stone and other heavyweights have appeared on the second day of 24 hours hacker Day ("Hack Day"), developers from around the world and the Twitter engineers to communicate Toshiba NB200 battery.

co-founder of Stone than hereby accept the SAN in an interview today, said, Twitter is currently working on multiple language versions of website development, the purpose is to bring the world to fully enjoy the flow of information service Twitter, will be the end of this year which covers many languages including Chinese version.

It is worth noting that, according to CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) official statistics, although the number of Chinese netizens reached 380 million, even more than the total population of more than U.S., but China's huge Internet market has not given rise, and Twitter sufficient attention to its executives.

Conference Day on yesterday, Twitter Jason Goldman, director of product management, says that there is no business to enter the Chinese market, the plan Toshiba NB200 battery, but he also said that Twitter users are in the pipeline to the Chinese translation tool, Twitter is currently working on multiple language versions web site development, the Chinese version is just one of them.

Sina science and technology and today with the exchange ratio is hereby • Stone also found the process, he has been stressed many Chinese and other language versions will be released together, only the international part of the process of no strategic significance of any other .

According to Twitter Japan Regional Manager Yukari Matsuzawa data provided to the Sina science and technology, the current company members of the group responsible for international less than 5 people, in the company of a total of three Chinese engineers scattered in the company's search and other departments, the international group also there is no Chinese presence.

The difference, however, is that the U.S. social networking site Facebook is popular on the Chinese market a plus. According to media reports, Facebook back in June 2008 on the introduction of the Simplified Chinese version, and this year it will be a joint venture of Chinese local companies into China to achieve curve is the rumor clamor demonstration of Facebook's emphasis on the Chinese market.

Compared to Facebook in the media frequently photographed before, Twitter it appears that many low-key, which is undergoing rapid development in the course of too many enemies do not want to take the conservative strategy will be the future face of Facebook's biggest competitor Twitter question, Yukari Matsuzawa then it is very cautious, its SAN stressed that, Twitter is still a very small company, only the size of about 170 people, half of them engineers.

She said, Facebook is a great company, the development of fast, like Facebook launched Facebook Connect service is very open, Twitter's purpose is very open.

Twitter has experienced over the past few years, rapid growth, Twitter announced yesterday, official data showed, up to 105 million registered users, currently 60% of all users from overseas Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 battery, 2006 -2 010 years, the annual growth rate of 1500%. View of the current focus and strategy, Yukari Matsuzawa said, Twitter is not the focus of the current work shift, the main task at present or in the expansion of the market, improve the user experience, to provide users with better service.

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Adobe is preparing prosecution on Apple

Apple news:

April 14 morning news today, according to foreign media reports, Apple and Adobe will continue to escalate the confrontation and some Informed sources said Adobe is preparing to sue Apple in the next few weeks.

Apple changed the iPhone (Mobile Internet) 4.0 SDK (Software Development Kit) license agreement explicitly prohibits which is recently released and use Flash developers to write applications and Microsoft Silverlight technology, a move eventually Adobe intolerable.
For the previous block Internet access to block Flash content as well as the use of Flash technology, Apple gives the same explanation: both are detrimental to the operation iPad and iPhone performance. However, Flash is often used in Apple products performed well. Moreover, if the developers prefer to Objective C language or manner other than development and application Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 battery, they will not force users to move the apple.

Adobe is eventually able to win based on Apple's territory where the land is hard to say. If Adobe really sues Apple, the prosecution will be content with the results of wide concern.

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Facebook is expected to surpass Ask as the fourth largest search engine


April 11 morning news, according to foreign media reports, analysts said, Facebook users who rely on a huge amount has surpassed AOL, and is expected within a few months than Ask.com, became the fourth largest search engine xps m1530 Battery.

Analyst Shilizijia Burns (Liz Gannes) search market share, and said Facebook has more than AOL, and encroaching Ask.com. ComScore in March according to his calculation of the U.S. search reports, Facebook a market share of 2.7%, 2.5% higher than AOL. Facebook came in before the difference is Ask.com (3.1%), Microsoft will be (7.8%), Yahoo (11.3%) and Google (59.7%).

Gahrns expected, after a few months, Facebook will exceed Ask.com, became the fourth largest search hp ProBook 4310s battery. In addition, Microsoft is now Facebook's largest shareholder, if Microsoft could buy Facebook, and to achieve and Yahoo alliance, will be the U.S. search market is expected gains of 35% to 40%, and Google in order to achieve the monopoly of the U.S. market.

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