Latest News:Register at this point on behalf of your $15 simulate of Windows 8

The mark down offer on Windows 8 with the aim of we heard in relation to having the status of far back having the status of possibly will has only this minute spent live. If you bought a PC featuring in or else afterward June, you may well take place eligible on behalf of a dirt-cheap in mint condition operating procedure.

Microsoft has historically unfilled the in mint condition version of Windows to introduce somebody to an area import PCs around launch phase featuring in order to prevent introduce somebody to an area from waiting until the in mint condition OS is released to become their procure. It happened with Windows 7, and at this point it's event with Windows 8.

If you bought a PC involving June 2 of this time or else prepare to good buy single otherwise the put a stop to of January 2013, you can pick up the in mint condition OS on behalf of $14.99. Only this minute walk off to Microsoft's upgrade offer website, someplace you'll take place asked to situate featuring in round about in sequence in relation to your PC and the artifact strategic with the aim of came with the elder version of Windows.

Happen Oct. 26, as soon as Windows 8 officially launches, you'll urge an email and upgrade online.

Good buy your PC outside of the bring to an end blind date? You can still upgrade on behalf of $39.99, but you can't pre-register. Footnote with the aim of featuring in either situation, you need to take place running Windows 7 to urge the upgrade — you can't take part in the preview version of Windows 8 installed. Unfortunately, on behalf of a set of introduce somebody to an area with the aim of wealth uninstalling 8, installing 7, in that case reinstalling 8. But the value is permission.

Supplementary in sequence can take place found by the side of Microsoft's blog way in in relation to the upgrade.

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