Apple's revenue and net income surpassed Microsoft's dominant industry worthy of the name

April 29 morning news, Apple's first quarter 2011 revenue and net profit more than Microsoft, which is another major breakthrough in Apple laptop batterys history.

In the past three quarters, Microsoft's revenue was slightly lower than Apple laptop battery, but has been occupied in the net advantage. However, this advantage has been present beyond Apple.

Microsoft on Thursday reported a release of the latest quarter, ended March 31, 2011 in the third quarter, revenue was $ 16,428,000,000 company, rose 13 percentage points; operating profit of 5.709 billion U.S. dollar over the same period increased by 10 percentage points; net profit 5.232 billion U.S. dollars, a year earlier to 40 billion dollars of 31 percent.

Apple's earnings in the previous shows, as of March 26, 2011 in the second quarter, Apple laptop battery's revenue for the 24.67 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 13.5 billion the same period last year greatly increased 82.7 percentage points; operating profit to $ 7,874,000,000, is far higher than the 3.979 billion U.S. dollars last year; net profit as high as $ 5,990,000,000, compared with $ 3,000,000,000 a year earlier surged 99.5 percent.

Microsoft CFO Peter Klein (Peter Klein) said in a statement: "Despite the current confusion in the PC market, but we are still presented a strong financial results, which show the strength and breadth of the company. Consumers will continue to actively purchase Office 2010, Xbox and Kinect, businesses of all sizes have continued to purchase Microsoft's operating platform and application software. "

Apple laptop battery is a major factor beyond Microsoft's Mac computers and iPhone, Hot, the former revenue increased by 28 percentage points, while the latter's revenue is soaring 113 percent. The same period, the business sector (responsible for the Office product development and sales) revenue rose by only 21 percent, Microsoft's server and tools division revenue up by 11 percentage points only.

Microsoft's strongest growth came from its entertainment team that launched the Xbox 360 video game and somatosensory gaming devices Kinect, although these products are highly controversial, but still pulling strong in the past year its revenue rose 60 percentage points.

Microsoft said in a statement: "Windows 7 is still the fastest-selling operating system ever, has sold 350 million units to date." But this statement is actually a department of revenue to cover the core of Microsoft's year on year decline occurred . Windows and Windows Live in this quarter, departments (responsible for the Windows family of products development and sales) of the revenue is only $ 4,445,000,000, less than a year earlier to 46.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple laptop battery iPad tablet due to the impact of launch, sales of personal computers appeared in sharp decline; reduction in demand for PCs also directly led to the Windows product unmarketable. It also makes Apple laptop battery the opportunity to have the opportunity to go beyond the shift in Microsoft, has become one truly dominant technology industry.

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IPhone closed position, said foreign media services will continue to gather information

Chinese news report, according to The Wall Street Journal, recently, the Wall Street Journal test shows that even if the location service function is turned off, Apple laptop battery's smart phone iPhone is still collected and stored in the user's location information.

Location data seems to be near the phone through the user's mobile phone towers and Wi-Fi access points collected, the data does not seem to return to Apple. In response, Apple laptop battery declined to comment.

Nevertheless, in the location services turned off, iPhone is still collected and stored location information may again lead to the fact that people's questions. For the users of its mobile phone location information is being collected and informed to what extent? The researchers have disclosed, iPhone users can be the location of data storage for several months.

It is reported that, iPhone is not encrypted folder location, which sparked the uproar. Some people began to worry that their phone may be searched, and the location data will be exploited to its negative.

Recently, Democratic Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts called on Congress to the position of iPhone storage to conduct investigations. He said that without the protection of location information such as phone was stolen, it might give the children to use the phone a security threat.

Last week, there were reports that Apple laptop battery's iPhone and Google's Android software from the driver's mobile phone user's location information, respectively, back to Apple and Google.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal conducted a survey shows that many of the most popular mobile phone "procedure" are the existence of such voyeuristic behavior. Their cases without the user's permission, the user's location data and other personal information shared with third parties.

Previously had a history of Apple and Google said they collected data are anonymous, the user can turn off location services to prevent such information is collected.

However, this feature does not seem to turn off the stop position of data stored on the iPhone. The Wall Street Journal during the data collection test, using a restore to factory settings and use the latest version of Apple laptop battery's operating system iOS iPhone4.

Press Close in the default location services turned on and immediately had previously been recorded in the mobile phone location data collected. With this phone and then press to the new location and observe the data. Move the phone a few hours, the phone continued to collect location data from the new location.

iPhone4 collected data including coordinate and time labeling, but not the phone went in the exact coordinates of locations, some difference of several miles (1 mile approximately 1.6 km.) Phone do not show the length of stay in a place. Other observers are also some technology blog and online message boards recorded a similar discovery.

It is understood that independent security researchers Ashkan Soltani confirmed the Wall Street Journal survey found.From: http://www.batterydoctor.info/