The world's most prestigious corporate annual list

May 24, according to foreign media reports, "Forbes" announced today by the New York research institutions Reputation Institute (Reputation Institute)'s Top 2010 "list the world's most prestigious companies," Google crowned leader, Sony Laptop batteries ranked second, Apple's sixth.

Reputation Institute within the scope of the world's largest 600 companies (Revenue is to dollars) for Le extensive investigations, from the enterprise's products, services, innovation, work environment, management, corporate social responsibility, performance and leadership for the reputation rankings. The highest-ranked companies have one thing in common, namely, innovation. Top two are Google and Sony introduced new technology on people's lives had a significant impact, while the two businesses have the tradition of innovative thinking. Google's free service is widely used around the world, but Sony Laptop batteries's history in 54 years launched a variety of innovative features music player, TV and other products.

Apple and Intel points out in the sixth and tenth place, the two companies as a result of innovative products and won a good reputation. Apple Laptop batteries's new iPad tablet computer that is available within 28 days of the sale of 100 million, Intel's semiconductor products for automotive, computer and even TV's core components. Reputation Institute research director Caspe Nelson (Kasper Nielsen), said: "Innovation is the most effective tool to win consumers."

Corporate citizenship is especially important. In this list, Microsoft ranked 11th. Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) has become a well-known philanthropist, he founded in 1994, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been dedicated to improving global health and education. The monopoly was seen as corporate giants won because of great importance to charities a good reputation.

Nelson said that for enterprises, recognize the importance of international markets is critical. He said: "With the global reputation is a difficult thing, but the company's future development depends on the international market. Companies should know how to set up their own markets outside their own good reputation."

The following is Reputation Institute's Top 2010 "list the world's most prestigious business":

1, Google (U.S.)

2, Sony (Japan)

3, Walt Disney (USA)

4, BMW (Germany)

5, DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes - Benz) (Germany)

6, Apple (USA)

7, Nokia (Finland)

8, IKEA (Sweden)

9, Volkswagen (Germany)

10, Intel (USA)

11, Microsoft (USA)

12, Johnson & Johnson (USA)

13, Matsushita (Japan)

14, Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

15, Philips (Netherlands)

16, L'Oreal (France)

17, IBM (USA)

18, Hewlett-Packard (USA)

19, Barilla (Italy)

20, Nestle (Switzerland)

21, Ferrero (Italy)

22, Samsung Electronics (Korea)

23, Federal Express (USA)

24, Honda Motor (Japan)

25, Coca-Cola (U.S.)

26, Carlsberg (Denmark)

27, P & G (United States)

28, UPS (United States)


Windows7 sold 10 per second

July 26, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has released data, June sold a total of 150 million copies of Microsoft Windows7 license, with an average of 10 copies sold per second, making this version the company "sold the most fast operating system.” Microsoft CFO Peter Klein said, Windows 7 latest sales data shows that from 6 23 to July 21 the average Windows 7 sold 9.97 copies per second license, 29 days in this in Windows 7 a total of 25 million copies sold. Up to now, Windows 7 has reached cumulative sales of 175 million copies, which makes Windows 7 in the global PC market share reached 15%. But Microsoft Friday said that Klein on Windows 7 market share data is not precise and accurate data should be 16%.

Storage and data management solutions provider NetApp has released a report, as of July 21, Windows 7 in 9 months after the release to obtain a 14.4% market share, while Microsoft Vista spent the previous 22 months before obtain the same amount of market share. It is reported that sales of Windows 7 has more than Vista, the sole row in front of it, only XP.

Microsoft this week released on filing shows Windows 7 and Office 2010 as the popularity of Microsoft's revenue in the second quarter reached a record 160 billion U.S. dollars, up 22% over the same period last year, of which only the Windows operating income reached 4.55 billion U.S. dollars, compared with same period last year more than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

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