Facebook intends to push full-featured webmail product


Facebook, according to inside information disclosed, Facebook is currently implementing a project called the Titan, the project will be entirely rewritten Fackbook the current messaging system, and plans to launch a full-featured webmail product in order to obtain this the current messaging software. Even states that the product will most likely be Gmail's demise.

Over the years, Facebook's messaging system has been criticized by users, user requirements Fackbook to optimize the system calls have been circulating, there is a user said, Facebook delete old messages iphone 3G battery very slowly, they often have to face thousands of meter read e-mail can not be timely removed the embarrassing situation. However, Facebook's messaging system is the only indirect associated with the e-mail system, which is when the Facebook user is not online, the exchange of electronic messages the standard approach.

While Facebook continuous improvement of the system, such as increasing the function that can search the message. However, in most cases, this system has remained basically unchanged, and it is not very practical. Even MySpace is also in 2008 to upgrade its outdated information platform to become a true webmail services (despite the lack of POP or IMAP support). However, Facebook now seems to have felt that the achievements of messaging system to the users of the pain, they will completely abandon the set of messaging system, once the Titan project is successful, there will be tens of thousands of users of this full-featured webmail product rush.

Facebook newly developed information system will be full support for this POP / IMAP, which means that Facebook users can access other than Facebook account. Moreover, the user's e-mail account with the facebook.com domain.

Facebook e-mail will contain the user's full identity information. Authenticate users through Facebook Connect will become the preferred means of authentication.

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Apple asked developers to remove description related to Android

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Apple will release the Iphone 3G battery (iPhone Player Forum) Application software in the near future "Flash Wizard (Flash of Genius)" developer Tim - Novikov (Tim Novikoff) sent an e-mail, asking them this. The presentation covered the Android software system to delete the description, the correlation described as "this software is Google Android developer challenge suffered a decisive battle of adversaries."

According to Apple side said: "other companies provide the next platform compatibility plans or other matters related to a common platform, and have nothing to do with the iPhone software store." In other words, Apple declined to comment on "competitive."

Apple's sounds very harsh, but very interesting. Google's Android software does not seem important good or bad, its just a different platform only. From another perspective, the move seems to have Iphone 3G battery look more competitive, or that Apple is trying to have more to prove that to try to squeeze Google and its Android platform.
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Nokia Maemo 6 system is expected to launch in the UK in 2010-2-4

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Nokia has reiterated that the company remains committed to upgrade its two mobile operating systems: Maemo and Symbian.

Symbian 3 will come out first in a few months, it will trigger a series of upgrades, such as rapid scrolling, a variety of home screens, a cleaner interface and support for multi-point touch.

As the Symbian 3 supports HDMI video / audio output and a large high-definition files, so the system will also help Nokia's access to Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung occupy the field of smart phones.

Symbian 4 plans unveiled at the end of this year, while mobile phones using this OS it will be available in 2011. The system will provide a better user interface options, clean gallery, clean interface and improved control panel.

Maemo 6 (for the N900's Maemo5 upgrade the operating system) is also expected to launch in the UK later this year.

Maemo 6 release of information about little known, including that it will use portrait mode to support multi-point touch and capacitive touch screen (Apple and Google in recent years has been the approach).

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Apple 27-inch iMac monitors has problem

Apple News:

According to foreign media reports, although the 27-inch Apple M4685 iMac monitors display a sight to behold, but what is surprising is that there are already some users on the Apple monitor has the screen flicker, screen broken and so on. This could lead to Apple's recent shipping delay orders. At present, it came to a user display and other issues appear yellowish color, which will further pressure on Apple's delayed shipments. Although Apple M6138 has not publicly acknowledged this, but according to internal technical documents, Apple has acknowledged this problem internally.

Apple 27-inch Apple M6385 iMac display problems including the emergence of vertical and horizontal stripes, monitors and other surrounding areas yellowish, some of these issues will be further developed into a corner of the screen noticeable yellow mark. The payment of 1,700 dollars or more money to buy a new computer, consumers are unwilling to see this result.

Small invention of the User Web site Gizmodo, said he tried to fix the display problem on their own, the problem with the LCD behind a layer of scattered LED backlight using different material. He wondered whether such material might occur during transport dislocation, resulting in a number of regions to produce an uneven backlight color temperature.

Whatever the cause, the event information has appeared in Apple's internal rules of procedure of the agenda will come up. Apple M6383's technical support staff informed so that it displays the problem appeared in the user, the display has a tiny color is normal. If you need to do further complaints, technical personnel should obtain the user's contact information in order to help users in less than three weeks to replace the display panel. If the user an immediate solution to this problem, you can get a refund, rather than a replacement.

It is reported that there are reports that 21.5 inches iMac display also appeared in the issue, but Apple's technical support department does not deal with this a monitor problem.

Apple special reference to the introduction of a three-week repair service window display, affected, consumers may postpone the purchase of the product. On-line purchase orders also postponed for at least three weeks time. Based on analysis, Apple Powerbook G3 battery may be to temporarily postpone the shipment until the problem is fixed. However, for those already affected by the events of the users, and then wait a week or a refund may not be a satisfactory solution.

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Multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft's IE browser may endanger other software

Internet news:

January 31 Deutsche Presse-Agentur quoted the German Federal Office for Information Security report, U.S. Microsoft's IE browser, there are several newly discovered security vulnerabilities, these vulnerabilities could endanger a user's PC in the safe use of other Microsoft software. Apple M4685

Federal Office for Information Security said in the report, staff found that IE security holes so that other Microsoft software, "vulnerable to hacker attack", the software, including Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail, Microsoft's help system, Microsoft's tool bar and so on. HP 5101 Battery

Report that these IE vulnerabilities now have been "hackers" who break other bad purposes.

With Microsoft Windows (Windows) operating system, Outlook e-mail management software as an example, information security, the Federal Office recommends users not to use IE browser to view e-mail, but log onto the Internet and directly send and receive e-mail with Outlook.

The use of e-mail sending and receiving software, the user should also open the "Security" tab, the IE browser's security zone selection into "restricted-point area." canon nb-2lh battery

The Federal Information Security Office also suggested that users not to open the IE window, under the "help" section, or any unknown items you must pay special attention to ". Chm" for the extension. Dell Studio 1436 battery

The report also said the installation of Windows 7, Vista and XP Windows operating system, users should avoid using the version of 6.0,7.0 and 8.0 of the IE browser, Microsoft has not released them at this stage the latest versions of the browser security hole patch .

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Cisco's vice president switch to chip makers Broadcom

IT news:

Cisco's Data Center Business Unit is currently vice president and general manager of Ramaswamy (Rajiv Ramaswami) and he will leave Cisco switch chip maker Broadcom, he served as chief technology officer of Cisco's optical networking group at Nortel Networks is committed to Light network work.

Broadcom announced the personnel changes yesterday, a notice Ramaswamy he will be officially employed as a corporate vice president and general manager on February 1. Apple A1189 battery

Ramaswamy equipment suppliers in Thailand and the United States Xros company for music, followed by Nortel Networks in 2000, 30 billion dollars in revenue Xros its price two years later, Ramaswamy left Nortel to Cisco's optical the web team. Apple M4685 battery

After his tenure at Cisco optical networks Ramaswami, vice president and general manager of Cisco's 2005 re-consider the optical communications strategy, he was transferred to gigabit systems business sector, he served the final Cisco Cloud computing and switching technology is the Ministry of vice-president. Dell Studio 1435 battery

Broadcom follow the example of Cisco in the operations side, to a series of mergers and acquisitions which complement each other to attract as many as 30 new start-up companies, making Broadcom product line covers the Cable modem, DSL, Ethernet, wireless LAN, satellite communications, mobile phones, VOIP, storage, optical fiber , Bluetooth and so on, called the communications chip industry, "department store."

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