Cisco's vice president switch to chip makers Broadcom

IT news:

Cisco's Data Center Business Unit is currently vice president and general manager of Ramaswamy (Rajiv Ramaswami) and he will leave Cisco switch chip maker Broadcom, he served as chief technology officer of Cisco's optical networking group at Nortel Networks is committed to Light network work.

Broadcom announced the personnel changes yesterday, a notice Ramaswamy he will be officially employed as a corporate vice president and general manager on February 1. Apple A1189 battery

Ramaswamy equipment suppliers in Thailand and the United States Xros company for music, followed by Nortel Networks in 2000, 30 billion dollars in revenue Xros its price two years later, Ramaswamy left Nortel to Cisco's optical the web team. Apple M4685 battery

After his tenure at Cisco optical networks Ramaswami, vice president and general manager of Cisco's 2005 re-consider the optical communications strategy, he was transferred to gigabit systems business sector, he served the final Cisco Cloud computing and switching technology is the Ministry of vice-president. Dell Studio 1435 battery

Broadcom follow the example of Cisco in the operations side, to a series of mergers and acquisitions which complement each other to attract as many as 30 new start-up companies, making Broadcom product line covers the Cable modem, DSL, Ethernet, wireless LAN, satellite communications, mobile phones, VOIP, storage, optical fiber , Bluetooth and so on, called the communications chip industry, "department store."

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