Nokia Maemo 6 system is expected to launch in the UK in 2010-2-4

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Nokia has reiterated that the company remains committed to upgrade its two mobile operating systems: Maemo and Symbian.

Symbian 3 will come out first in a few months, it will trigger a series of upgrades, such as rapid scrolling, a variety of home screens, a cleaner interface and support for multi-point touch.

As the Symbian 3 supports HDMI video / audio output and a large high-definition files, so the system will also help Nokia's access to Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung occupy the field of smart phones.

Symbian 4 plans unveiled at the end of this year, while mobile phones using this OS it will be available in 2011. The system will provide a better user interface options, clean gallery, clean interface and improved control panel.

Maemo 6 (for the N900's Maemo5 upgrade the operating system) is also expected to launch in the UK later this year.

Maemo 6 release of information about little known, including that it will use portrait mode to support multi-point touch and capacitive touch screen (Apple and Google in recent years has been the approach).

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