Facebook intends to push full-featured webmail product


Facebook, according to inside information disclosed, Facebook is currently implementing a project called the Titan, the project will be entirely rewritten Fackbook the current messaging system, and plans to launch a full-featured webmail product in order to obtain this the current messaging software. Even states that the product will most likely be Gmail's demise.

Over the years, Facebook's messaging system has been criticized by users, user requirements Fackbook to optimize the system calls have been circulating, there is a user said, Facebook delete old messages iphone 3G battery very slowly, they often have to face thousands of meter read e-mail can not be timely removed the embarrassing situation. However, Facebook's messaging system is the only indirect associated with the e-mail system, which is when the Facebook user is not online, the exchange of electronic messages the standard approach.

While Facebook continuous improvement of the system, such as increasing the function that can search the message. However, in most cases, this system has remained basically unchanged, and it is not very practical. Even MySpace is also in 2008 to upgrade its outdated information platform to become a true webmail services (despite the lack of POP or IMAP support). However, Facebook now seems to have felt that the achievements of messaging system to the users of the pain, they will completely abandon the set of messaging system, once the Titan project is successful, there will be tens of thousands of users of this full-featured webmail product rush.

Facebook newly developed information system will be full support for this POP / IMAP, which means that Facebook users can access other than Facebook account. Moreover, the user's e-mail account with the facebook.com domain.

Facebook e-mail will contain the user's full identity information. Authenticate users through Facebook Connect will become the preferred means of authentication.

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