Google will launch a music store before Christmas

September 3 morning news, Google is negotiating with record laptop battery companies; it is prepared to build a download store, providing digital music box, so users can play anytime, anywhere. The source said, Google do to compete with Apple laptop battery.

Andy Rubin, senior vice president of Google works (Andy Rubin) is a leader in the negotiations, the negotiations also includes Google's service will be how the architecture. Rubin is the Google Android mobile phone operating system's "brain", the two sources said, Google hopes to launch music service in time for Christmas.

The music industry have looked forward to this competition, they want competition in the mobile and PC, Apple and Google in competition to benefit, Apple laptop battery and Google in competition intensified and the media and consumer technology, from television and online movies to the phone, to software and advertising, are all filled with gunpowder.

Even Apple's first step in the field of music, music is still probably the last piece of the battlefield between the two. In the past seven years, iTunes Music Store is not an adversary, it occupied 70% of U.S. digital music market share.

The source said, Google has not yet signed with any laptop battery record company licensing agreement, but that did not stop the record companies interested, what means compete with iTunes, which are meaningful to the entire industry.

An unnamed record company executives, said: "How to search it, Android mobile platform links, forming a strong competitor to contend iTunes, or to boil down to the final scope, resources, and by what means."

In recent months, Android platform for mobile activation of up to 20 million units per day, has been able to have equal shares with Apple iOS equipment.

Larry Kenswil former head of Universal Music, said: "Now the computer does not the lack of music, but Google is still in mobile phones and other networked devices forming influence."

In 2003, when record companies to embrace Apple laptop battery's iTunes, but now its growing concern, including the price of music and digital formats. High-level music industry believe that, with the other digital music retailers, a strong competitive market expansion may be beneficial.

Digital music company, Beggars Banquet London director Simon Wheeler (Simon Wheeler) said: "With Youtube, have a search, Google has a valuable database, which can be the statistics of what people are spending, what to look for." However, even on Google this The giant, the "just enough" is not enough laptop battery. 2007, Amazon launched MP3 store, but only 12% of market share.

One record industry executive said: "We remain cautiously optimistic, Google's size, a wide range, but it did not sell off stuff from the record."

Different industry observers said, the music, the Internet's equipment will be the next battlefield. Music industry hopes to promote cloud computing. Apple laptop battery recently acquired a cloud-based music company, Lala, which makes music full of expectations. Unfortunately, in Wednesday's Apple conference, Jobs introduced the iTunes only social network, which allows music to a little disappointed.

May the time, Google also bought a remote media company Simplify Media, but so far nothing below.

To be determined!