7 big tough guys in the history of Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers plays an important in the NBA championship and in the past couple of years, it has won lots of NBA championships and left the NBA fans so many wonderful stories. IN these stories there were a lot of heroes and their spirit will live in our heart for ever.

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7. Ron Artest
Before entering the Lakers, Ron Artest has won a tough guy reputation in NBA, perhaps in the future he can be the first tough guy as the list Lakers player, but at the moment, he had just joined the army temporarily at No. 7.

6. Shaquille - O'Neal
When Big shark swims around the rim, he is unstoppable monster, probably the most dominant in the history of NBA, anyone who annoyed him will be absolutely no good either.

5. Derek - Fisher

Mr. Fisher always gives the feeling of fish in fact he is currently the league, one of the toughest players as I remembered last season's playoffs, he has given Luis Scola of the Rockets a power elbow. Do you remember?

4. "Magic" Johnson

Magicians is always not afraid of any challenge, in the fifth finals Games in 1980, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was sending-off, Johnson played center position to change the results of the big man and the Celtics can NOT guard the paint in their district, at last Lakers won the NBA championship.

3. Wirth - Chamberlain

Although he only played five seasons for the Lakers, they help the team enter the finals four times and won a championship. he was NBA's most dominant player before O'Neal.

2 . Kobe Bryant

Even his head, shoulders, knees and toes ... ... badly bruised, it can still insist on fighting, especially in times of crisis the team was behind, Bryant’s spirit will become more resilient and tough!

1. AC Green
What is a tough guy? What is called tough? In a 15-season he only missed three games, AC Green is a well-deserved, "Iron Man." From 1986 to 2001, Green took part in the horrors of 1192 games to help the Lakers won three NBA champion titles.
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